Rehabs In AZ: Causes Of Drug Abuse In Young Women

For a long time, most studies on drug abuse focused on men. Today, however, statistics show that many young women become addicted to drugs before they reach adulthood. Rehabs in AZ offer various treatment programs to help these women struggling with drug addiction to overcome their addiction and live healthy lives. But why do girls and young women use illicit drugs? Here are five leading causes of drug abuse in young women.

Mental Disorders

Research shows that women suffer from disorders like anxiety and depression at a significantly higher rate than men. Unfortunately, anxiety disorders and depression often cause these women to self-medicate with drugs of abuse. The vulnerability of women to mental illnesses makes them more susceptible to substance abuse.


Over time, young women who are faced with stressful life events like parental divorce, failed relationships, death or illness in family or friends, changes in school and moving from home to home become depressed and withdrawn. Their inability to cope with stressful events causes them to resort to the use of drugs.

History of Trauma

Women are more likely to experience trauma and discrimination during their lifetime than men. Terrible childhood experiences such sexual or physical abuse often cause young women to smoke, drink alcoholic substances and use drugs.

Peer Pressure

The desire to fit in with peers pushes many teenage girls into drug use. Nobody wants to be seen as odd rather everyone wants acceptance. Young girls who have friends that drink, smoke and use drugs are more likely to abuse drugs just to gain acceptance.

Low Self-Esteem

Girls have low self-confidence during their teenage years. High school girls who want to fit in often struggle to maintain a body image and social image that they consider trendy and attractive. They may begin to feel that weight loss, drinking, drug use, and smoking makes an individual popular, sexy, and cool. Teenage girls with low self-confidence often want to be like their peers, copying their lifestyle regardless of how dangerous and irresponsible it is.

Academic Pressures

Another factor that causes women to engage in substance abuse is academic pressure. In high school, many students put in efforts to excel as they embrace a new, mature level of learning. Also, since your grades in high school determine which college you gain acceptance into both parents and teachers put a lot of pressure of these teenagers to succeed. Poor performance at school causes many students to feel disappointed and hopeless, leading to drug use.

Lack Of Parental Guidance

It is widely known that the family is the first agent of socialization. Parents, therefore, need to inculcate moral discipline, societal norms and values in their children through communication. When young women are not educated about the consequences of drug abuse, chances are they will copy their peers without knowing of the risk involved. Parent-child communication helps children to learn new things about alcohol and illicit drugs as well as how to resist pressure from their peers.

Rehabs in AZ can help you or your loved ones overcome drug addiction. The earlier the seek professional help from Rehabs in AZ the more quickly you can gain control of your life again.

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