Dr Rob AshbyDr. Rob Ashby, MD, FASAM, DABAM, DABPM – Medical Director

Rob Ashby, MD is certified in Addiction Medicine by the ABPM and a fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine. He is certified by the American Board of Pain Management. He has extensive experience in treating addiction including outpatient, residential and detoxification programs and has used buprenorphine (Suboxone®) since it was first available 15 years ago. Only a few treatment centers have medical directors certified in addiction medicine.

Dr. Ashby has been very successful managing people with both pain and addiction disorders. It is impossible to successfully treat this difficult problem without addressing both issues at the same time.

Dr. Ashby believes in the disease model of addiction and that people with addictive disorders deserve to be treated with dignity and respect.

Rob Heinrich, LPC – Clinical Director

Rob brings years of varied and in depth experience to Silver Sands. He graduated with a Masters in Counseling in ’92 from Denver Seminary. As a state approved supervisor and Licensed Professional Counselor, Rob gives much needed insight and guidance to the team he helps oversee. He integrates his strong dependence on and the reality of the grace of God into his therapy and loves to help others strengthen their own faith in their journey. His theoretical applications and specialized training includes EMDR, Somatic Experiencing, CBT, DBT, and a strong integration on the power of love and relationship with a person centered approach. He is also an EAGALA trained therapist and equine specialist which he incorporates into his work with addictions. Rob has seen first-hand the power of integrating a 12 Step approach with empirically tried and tested therapeutic approaches that Silver Sands Recovery applies.

Rob is excited to be part of Silver Sands because he recognizes the passion of the key people in the organization are of true depth, the kind of people that would do whatever it takes to see other’s reach freedom of sobriety.

Ron Lustig, Ed.D.; M.A.; M.S.A.- Director Of Veteran Services Ron Lustig, Ed.D.; M.A.; M.S.A.- Director, Outreach Services

Ron Lustig proudly retired from both the U.S. Coast Guard and the field of Education (Elementary through College levels). While in the military, he served as the Command Drug and Alcohol Representative for three units and worked closely with members to develop their reflective abilities and self-efficacy skills. As principal for an alternative school, he successfully created and implemented the first Stop The Addiction Young (STAY) program in the country’s fifth largest school district (Clark County Schools). Ron’s experience and desire to help guide those suffering from mental health and/or substance use disorders has led him to work with Veterans, First Responders, Native American nations, Unions and Employee Assistance Programs across the country. As a disabled veteran, Ron has received numerous VA services and understands VA processes. He is aware of the need for timely, supportive, and honest communications with everyone and is committed to helping patients reclaim their lives and sense of purpose.

Lisa Waknin – CEO

CEO of Silver Sands Recovery, Lisa’s founding principal is to provide a superior foundation for Long Term Sobriety. As the parent of an addict, Lisa knows firsthand the devastation addiction has on all concerned. She works side by side with families, helping them bring bottom up to the addict thereby getting them into treatment. Her many years of trying to help her own daughter (sober over two years) has led Lisa to immerse herself in the field of recovery. Teaming up with medical and clinical experts and adding in her own true experiences from running a successful $60M company to being the parent of an addict has given this program a unique perspective. Parents from clients are quoted, “Finally I have someone I can speak with that knows what I went through and knows what these kids need. She’s a voice of reason, has compassion and cares.” Lisa always makes herself available to families in need.

Brian McEnroe aka Bird – COO

If asked how Brian McEnroe got his nickname his answer is quite simply this, “I was as yellow as Big Bird when I got sober eight years ago.” Standing at 6’4″, Bird is the real deal. He knows how to get these kids sober and on a routine to stay that way. Partnering with Lisa, Bird brought his love of sports to Silver Sands Recovery and created a Sports Division that helps our clients just as much as the therapy does. Finding a healthy outlet with team sports such as basketball, baseball, volleyball, brings to the table another dimension in recovery that is needed just as much as any other aspect. Bird knows it takes massive action to get results. Meetings, therapy, clinical care, medical care, sports, work, sober fun, they are all important because when you leave here you need to know to put your sobriety first and to do everything it takes to make you stay that way.

Alexandra (Lex) Tiddens – VP


Originally from New Mexico, Lex arrived in Prescott, AZ in 2014 seeking substance abuse treatment. Upon her arrival, Lex immediately realized that she wanted to have a career in the behavioral health field. Since then she has worked in multiple sectors of recovery, including residential, medical, billing, and is currently the Admissions and Utilization Review Director at Silver Sands Recovery. Lex is passionate about showing those suffering that there is light at the end of the tunnel and a way out of this disease of chronic relapse. She is committed to helping clients maintain long-term sobriety and make their admission process a calm, stress free experience.

Kate Perlman, LAC – Assistant Clinical Director

Kate is the Assistant Clinical Director and a primary therapist at Silver Sands Recovery. Her experience and education have provided her with a solid understanding of substance use disorders and mental health disorders, as well as how both affect individuals and their families. She has specialized training in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) which is an extremely effective treatment for disorders such as anxiety, depression, OCD, chronic pain, addictions, and other distressing life experiences. Kate believes that addiction treatment is most effective when it addresses the underlying causes and wants patients to leave Silver Sands having a clear understanding of their own psychology and behavior, as well as a healthy dose of hope for their continued recovery.

Tyler LangfordTyler Langford – Primary Therapist

Tyler is a Certified Clinical Trauma Specialist – Trauma and Addiction (CCTSA) and is looking forward to pursuing his LAC. Tyler comes from a background of coaching, youth ministry and community outreach through the local church in which he discovered his joy of helping others find their strengths, discover their passions, and build their self-esteem and potential. Tyler enjoys the outdoors, sports, art, and reading and has found how useful these hobbies can be in the counseling setting alongside formal modalities such as CBT, REBT, art, and mindfulness approaches to therapy.

Ashlea SmithAshlea Smith – Case Manager

Ashlea plays a key role in the aftercare planning of each patient at Silver Sands Recovery. She has great passion for helping others establish a foundation to achieve long term sobriety. Ashlea works with patients on an individual basis, forming an aftercare plan that makes sense for their unique situation. Ashlea also assists in helping patients with FMLA, court, and any important items that need to be addressed while in treatment. Her outstanding work has helped patients achieve success in careers, job interviews, school, sober living, and other interests.

jacobJacob Backerman, BHT, Family Liaison, Strategic After Care Planning

Jacob has been an active member in the Prescott recovery community since arriving here in 2021. He has great passion for the twelve steps and helping others establish a foundation in recovery that will allow them to build long term sobriety and success in life. Jacob brings education, knowledge and experience from all different walks of life and applies them with compassion to the field of recovery. His outstanding work with clients has helped them achieve success in applying for jobs, school, other interests. His integral role at SSR has helped clients reintegrate into the world by creating long term plans for long term sobriety.

Anderson Juneau – Operations Administrator

Anderson P. Juneau, originally from Louisiana, has been a part of the Silver Sands team since 2018. Anderson studied at Louisiana State University and brings years of business experience to his current position. As Operations Administrator, Anderson’s focus is mainly on facilitating daily operations as well as ensuring compliance with policies and procedures. Anderson also interacts with the clients as a group facilitator, sharing his experience with recovery with them. Anderson effectively shares his “southern charm” and sense of humor with both clients and staff in an effort to always keep morale at a high around the office. Anderson is an excellent public speaker and utilizes that skill to inspire hope in others that long-term sobriety is, indeed, possible.

Andy Altiveros – Medication Room Manager

Andy has over 11 years’ experience as a BHT and PCT in the health care field. For Ten of those year he worked strictly in Detox for substance abuse. While working in Detox he received his IV Certification and gained knowledge of treatment and medication protocols for treating patients in the acute stages of withdrawal.

Andy joined the Silver Sands Recovery team in 2021 working in the med office and is currently Medication Room Manager. Andy is responsible for providing oversight and monitoring of client medications; works in tandem with Dr Luciani and other medical and clinical professionals to establish consistent and comprehensive care for all clients.

Marshall Kelin – Executive Director

Marshall Kelin is originally from Colorado. Marshall has been a part of the Silver Sands Recovery team since 2017. Marshall has worked as a Behavioral Health Technician and is currently serving as Community Director for Silver Sands Recovery. As Community Director, Marshall provides supervision for the Behavioral Health Technician Staff as well as coordinating outside activities such as hikes, field trips, golf, and other extracurricular outings for clients.

Janette Costales, RN

Janette is a registered nurse for 26 years. Janette trains all medical personal in medication self-administration. Her professionalism in industry standards and protocol in procedures leads our team to the highest levels of excellence in compliancy.