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Whether it is drug, heroin, alcohol addiction, or chronic relapse, these conditions are enough to destroy the life of any individual. Moreover, it is not only the addicts who suffer from substance abuse disorder but also their loved ones who have to go through a lot of emotional pain. Thankfully, addiction is one of the well-researched fields, with plenty of treatment avenues for people seeking help to get rid of addiction. Silver Sands Recovery, in this regard, is one of the best options if you are looking for the best Drug & Alcohol rehab in Phoenix. Working with an uncompromising goal, our Phoenix rehab center helps addicted individuals attain long-term sobriety.

Unfortunately, 22.5 million people in the USA suffer from drug and alcohol addiction. According to the current reports of the National Survey on Drug Use a Health (NSDUH), 74 percent of people suffered from substance disorder in 2018.

Our well-known rehab center in Arizona has a team of highly competent addiction specialists who know how to treat struggling addicts in their difficult times. Silver Sands Recovery provides custom extended addiction care and plans to the recovering individuals. From the beginning of the treatment to the end of treatment, every client receives quality treatment and care. Every individual is monitored by experienced therapists to help them prevent relapse.

Silver Sands Recovery’s rehab serving the Phoenix area is undeniably a complete solution to overcome substance disorder.

Arizona has one of the highest heroin and opiate addiction rates in the country. Since 2013, opioid-involved deaths rose 76 percent in Phoenix Arizona. Looking for a drug rehab center in Phoenix that looks at the individual as a person, and not an addiction? Silver Sands Recovery specializes in:

    • Heroin addiction
    • Chronic relapse
    • Opiate addiction
    • Alcohol addiction
    • Drug Rehab

Silver Sands Recovery – Best Rehab Near Phoenix – Addiction Treatment Programs We Offer

Drug and Alcohol Detox

At our Phoenix rehab facility, the addiction specialists offer several treatment programs. The treatment typically begins with the detox process that helps addicted individuals abstain from unhealthy substances or body toxins (drug or alcohol). The treatment starts when the trained staff assesses the condition of the addicts and advises them to begin with detox.

Once recommended, the individual is sent to a detox center near Phoenix where he/she receives the medically supervised detox in a comfortable and safe environment. 

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Phoenix

Silver Sands Recovery rehab offers reliable drug and alcohol treatment.  We understand that not all individuals have the same needs. That is why we develop an individualized treatment program that meets the treatment needs of an addicted individual.

The impeccable treatment approach is not the only quality that sets Silvery Sands Recovery apart from other rehab centers. Our beautiful setting, technologically equipped clinics, and healthy activities are part of the treatment program to ensure long-term success.

Holistic Healing

In addition to comprehensive drug and alcohol treatment, our Phoenix rehab offers holistic addiction healing through clean living and a healthy lifestyle. Individuals who struggle with addiction are provided fresh eating plans, and a healthy environment to lead them to a happy and sober life.

Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring disorders often come with chemical dependency. Addiction specialists and therapists at Silver Sands Recovery Center make sure to conduct a psychiatric evaluation that helps in the diagnosis of psychological disorders. If the individual suffers from any co-occurring disorder such as depression or anxiety, he/she is treated to overcome both problems.

Thus, Silver Sands Recovery Center can be an ultimate rehab for people struggling to recover from any substance use disorder.


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