You can escape substance addiction whenever you want. You probably don’t hear this too often but we, at Silver Sands Recovery, know this is a simple and straightforward truth. Substance addiction is indeed a mental disorder capable of delivering extreme damages along the way. But, although it may not seem like it, it is in your power to avoid that.

Although you can’t overcome addiction on your own, seeking help is one of the most challenging things you could do. At our rehab centers in AZ, we know that acknowledging the problem and acting on it, are the first and most difficult steps to make. And you need to become aware of the danger you’re in.

Once you’ve decided you need help, you must be very careful when choosing your rehab institution. When you do, you must keep in mind that you’re looking for long-term results, for something that will change your life for good. That’s precisely what our programs will achieve. We’ve built our treatment to focus on several aspects:

Physical, psychological, and emotional detoxification

The ideal detoxification process should embody all three of these aspects. Cleansing your body of toxins is just as important as washing your mind of dark thoughts. The truth is that substance addiction will affect more than your body. It will also change your behavior, your cognitive functioning, and your emotional composure.

Our detox program combines medicine with psychotherapies for the best results. This way, you should quickly regain control over your emotions and your thought process. The result is a more composed, responsible, and mentally unbreakable individual.

Happiness, pleasure, and social behavior

Our rehab centers in AZ focus on the idea that addiction will affect your ability to experience pleasure and joy. It’s one of the most feared effects, especially when considering its universal incidence. Many of our patients show signs of anxiety, depression, apathy or aggression.

This is because long-term substance addiction will leave your brain incapable of producing dopamine in natural circumstances. It needs chemical stimulation for that. We want to change that and train your brain to extract pleasure from other sources than the addiction itself. This will allow you to become more positive, confident, and more socially active at the same time.

Become free again

Real freedom is not setting your shackles aside; it’s about breaking them completely. Similarly, we don’t just want to help you achieve sobriety. We want to teach you how to preserve it for good. Overcoming addiction is not that difficult, with the proper guidance by your side. But only utilizing professional help will you be able to leave it behind for good.

Our rehab centers in AZ combine some of the best rehab programs in the world under the same roof for long-lasting and reliable results. At Silver Sands Recovery, we give people the opportunity to become free and happy once more. Don’t let addiction take over your happiness and come to see us!

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