How Alcohol Rehab in Prescott Gears You Up for a Successful Recovery

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How Alcohol Rehab in Prescott Gears You Up for a Successful Recovery

How Alcohol Rehab in Prescott Gears You Up for a Successful Recovery

Addiction can take a significant toll on your life, leading to mental and physical health issues, as well as relationship struggles, career problems, and more. Trying to get sober on your own can be very challenging, as well as dangerous, especially with an alcohol addiction, which is why reaching out to an alcohol rehabs in arizona, like Silver Sands Recovery, can be the best thing you can do for yourself.

Addiction Treatment: The Options We Offer in Prescott, Arizona

At Silver Sands Recovery, we provide several treatment programs to help you understand the cause of the addiction and how you can get sober.

Dual Diagnosis: Treating Co-Occurring Conditions

In the United States, 21.5 million adults have co-occurring conditions that require treating both simultaneously.[1] Our treatment center offers a dual diagnosis program that can help you tackle both conditions together. This is crucial for maintaining long-term sobriety.

Mental health conditions cause uncomfortable symptoms that could lead you to drink. Even though alcohol may seem to improve those symptoms, it is actually exacerbating them because of the chemical and structural changes it makes to the brain.[2] This means that if you only treat the alcohol use disorder, you’re not dealing with what led you to start drinking in the first place.

At Silver Sands Recovery, we provide group and individual therapy sessions to help you understand your challenges.

To do this, we employ behavioral therapy options, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). CBT allows you to understand that your negative thinking patterns can affect your mood and lead to negative actions. Once you recognize when you’re engaging in unhelpful thinking, you can start making changes.

One of the biggest issues for people with both mental health conditions and addiction is isolation. Isolation can make stress levels worse. It can potentially lead to depression, too. By having a group of people to talk with who are going through similar challenges to what you’re facing, you can start building that sense of community that can make a difference.

Holistic Therapy: Bringing All Parts of You Together

Many treatment programs focus on getting a clinical diagnosis and helping you get sober, but we provide more than that. We know you’re a whole person who is more than just your symptoms, and we want you to achieve more than just short-term sobriety. We strive to help you heal your mind, body, and spirit.

By participating in various activities, including sports, you can start building self-esteem and self-confidence while uncovering skills and finding new activities you can enjoy. It gives you the chance to focus on something other than your addiction, which is crucial once you’re out of a treatment program and back to your life.

Extended Care at An Alcohol Rehab in Prescott: Helping You Remain Sober

We offer 30, 60, and 90-day programs, but not everyone is ready to leave a program once it ends. There’s nothing wrong with needing extra support, and that’s what you can choose at Silver Sands Recovery. Our extended care allows you to keep gaining confidence in your recovery.

You can gather more experience in dealing with triggers and forming a relapse-prevention strategy while also continuing your talk therapy sessions. If you have a co-occurring condition, you can continue to get care for both.

Because we know your path to recovery isn’t necessarily like anyone else’s, you can expect individualized care when you come to Silver Sands Recovery. A strong recovery foundation is crucial for maintaining your sobriety, so if you’re not comfortable leaving treatment, you should have the option to keep getting the help you need until you are ready.

Alcohol Rehab in Prescott: Turn to Silver Sands Recovery to Start Your Journey

No matter how long you’ve had an addiction or how many times you may have tried to get sober, you always have the chance to heal. You can gain the tools you need for long-lasting recovery by turning to programs that won’t just help you get sober but will show you how to help yourself through triggers and mental health crises.

At Silver Sands Recovery, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process. Contact us today to begin your recovery.





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