The last thing you should do when falling victim to drug addiction is to resort to self-treatments. At Silver Sands Recovery, we offer you a better, safer, and more effective alternative: professional rehabilitation. Our rehab program encompasses a variety of treatments, which result from decades of clinical advancements.

A leading drug rehab program should focus on permanent results rather than on immediate gratification. This is why so many self-treatments fail or end up making things worse. The only valid way of performing a clinical detox process is under the supervision of professionals, who can adjust and correct the treatment depending on your progress.

On top of that, we only use the detoxification process as a part of the rehab procedure. The clinical detox lasts approximately two weeks, and it aims at delivering several benefits like:

  • Controlling your cravings
  • Cleansing the body of toxins
  • Rectifying the cognitive and behavioral problems
  • Eliminating withdrawal
  • Preventing the immediate relapse

It’s imperative to have professionals handle the process, since using the wrong medication, or taking inadequate doses may worsen your condition. After the initial detox period has passed, the second phase of the treatment begins.

The complexity of our rehabilitation programs

Once the detoxification process has achieved its goals of stabilizing your condition, the next stage involves a series of advanced psychotherapies. The effects of drug addiction will often extend beyond several mild manifestations. Drugs will affect your mind, your behavior, and your soul, delivering side-effects that may stick with you for years.

It’s one of the reasons why we urge you to join in our drug rehab program as soon as possible. With the help of the latest methods of psychotherapy, we’ll be able to reverse and prevent the side-effects from taking over your life. Some of our treatments include:

Dual-Diagnosis – The dual-diagnosis treatment relies on identifying and addressing mental disorders that may affect your recovery. Many patients develop side mental disorders due to drug abuse, which will worsen their condition in the long-term. We use clinical detox as a means to control and treat these problems as well.

The 12-Step Recovery Program – This is the same type of treatment used by Alcoholics Anonymous, whose primary goal is to restore your mental and emotional toughness. We use it as one of the critical methods of rewiring your map of emotions and thoughts. In the long term, the 12-Step Program will contribute to completing your set of values and form the foundation to your new life.

Family support and relapse prevention – Our team aims to help you become a different person. Sobriety is easily achievable but challenging to maintain without proper assistance. Our drug rehab programs include a comprehensive relapse prevention mechanism that will help achieve lifelong sobriety.

You can learn more about the methods we’re using by visiting our website or contact us directly. We’ve built a family at Silver Sands Recovery, one which we hope you’ll join shortly. Come to our rehab center and let’s talk about your future!

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