What To Look For In A Prescott Rehab

Few families have escaped the trauma and devastation of addiction. Legal and illegal substances offer an allure that can overpower even the strongest will. Relationships are damaged. Futures are put on hold or permanently incapacitated.

Many people have experienced a cycle of rehab and failure. They have become suspicious of the claims that any Prescott rehab makes about getting sober or producing long term sobriety.

What you should look for in Prescott rehab

Real staff experience

Staffs that have the experience of recovering from an addiction are more capable of relating to a person with a substance abuse or addiction problem. The simple fact is that people who have gone through the process understand the mental and emotional difficulties better. People who stayed clean and sober for a long period of time offer more hope than those who never experienced addiction.

Variety of treatment

Addiction is a whole body disease. Addiction impacts the body, the mind, and the emotions. An addict needs help in all phases of their addiction in a planned method.


Detoxification from the physical addiction is the first major step. This step is important in preventing serious withdrawal that could lead to mental complications, physical pain, and in some cases death.

12 Step Programs

Twelve step programs have been developed that are specific for alcohol and most types of drugs that are abused. The programs are not a perfect cure all but they are the most effective tool known that produces long term sobriety. The approach that is taken in introducing a person to a12 step program is all important in their acceptance of the help that the programs offer.

Mind and body

A holistic approach to the detriment that addiction has produced has been found to work best. The body needs to be healed. The mind needs comfort and care. Once healing has begun a person needs to begin to learn behaviors that will help kept them sober. These behaviors include exercise, diet, and thinking. Being able to see the trigger that causes the urge to abuse is a key to preventing a relapse.

Individual plan

Every addict is different just like every person is different. A team of therapists who understand this concept completely is better positioned to plan activities that help an individual toward recovery. The basic idea here is not speed but rather results that last.


The first weeks of recovery and life without alcohol and drugs are strange and frantic to an addict. The path to recovery is often difficult. A person needs constant supervision and people that they can rely on to help them attain their freedom.

Things that help Prescott rehab work


A naturally scenic and secluded location is conducive to recovery. People who are addicted lose the ability to enjoy the wonders of nature. The setting offers opportunity for exercise and relaxation that speeds healing. Seclusion helps protect a person’s privacy.

Living conditions

A home type living environment has been found to work best. The facility should provide nutritious and delicious meals. A person should have space to be alone when they need to be. They need the company of people who are experiencing the same thing that they are as well.


The best facilities will work with you to negotiate the messy wording that insurance places on the treatment of addiction.

Addiction can be beaten. The defined process has worked for many. It works for those who failed many times before.

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