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Effective Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Facility In The Heart Of Prescott, Arizona.

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If You Want To Recover From Drug & Alcohol Addiction in Prescott AZ, We Can Help!  

We specialize in heroin addiction, drug addiction, chronic relapse, opiate addiction, alcohol addiction in Prescott, AZ.

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Silver Sands Recovery rehab Prescott AZ was founded with an uncompromising goal; to provide a superior foundation for LONG TERM SOBRIETY.  We know all too well how addiction can ruin relationships and destroy your future. Our highly-trained Arizona drug rehab staff will encourage, support and help you get through the most difficult times.

At Silver Sands Recovery alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility in Prescott, AZ, we will give men and women ages 18 and over, the tools needed to recover from addiction.

Our custom extended care gives our clients the TIME NEEDED to be successful in their recovery. Each client is assigned a team of experienced therapists to plan, carry out, and monitor every part of their recovery. The goal is to bring our clients through the process of sobriety in the safest and most comfortable way possible.  The Silver Sands Recovery clinical team closely monitors our clients for any signs of discomfort or anxiety. We go to great lengths to create a feeling of comfort and security.  Silver Sands Recovery can help anyone recover from addiction or substance abuse. We offer customized treatment with a well balanced application of support with true accountability.

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For your convenience we accept a number of health insurance plans. Most health insurance companies offer some level of coverage for addiction treatment.

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