Four Misconceptions About Opiate Addiction And Addicts

Having any form of addiction is quite a burden, a hefty one, but like all burdens, they can be let go. Opiate addiction is not any different. Just like every other type of drug addictions, opiates can quickly become the crutch on which some individuals lean on to be able to cope with life. The truth about drug addictions is that they never bring the relief the addict so desperately seeks. On the contrary, they cause a lot of frustrations, anxieties, disappointment and in some sad cases, eventually lead to the death of the addict.

A lot of misconceptions are held about addictions, and who can become an addict. Most of these misconceptions are the reason for the stigma suffered by addicts. Stigmatizing addicts does nothing to help the addict and if the stigmatization stems from the addicts family, friends, neighbors, or coworkers, it further strains the relationship and worsens the already dangerous situation.

Misconception 1: The Addict is a moral wreck

Having an addiction is not as a result of a moral breakdown on the part of the addict. Though making use of a substance is a matter of choice, some persons from the onset are predisposed to addicts either based on their genetics, environment, family upbringing or other psychological factors. It has also been noted that some persons may have a higher threshold for substance use without getting addicted than others.

While substance use is a choice, addiction is not a choice. Addiction is as a result of something going wrong in the brain making the addict dependent on the substance. The numerous case of opiate addiction in AZ is no different.

Misconception 2: The Addict can end the addiction at any time

This misconception makes persons see the addict as lazy and unwilling to help himself or herself. Sometimes the addict is seen as selfish and inconsiderate of others around him or her. This is a misconception because the very definition of addiction negates this explanation. The addict cannot just turn off the addiction as though it were a switch. The addiction starts from the brain and can only be treated systematically.

In some cases, the addiction also serves as a form of dependence. In this case, the body will crave the substance to function or feel normal. In such cases, just cutting off the use of opiates can lead to withdrawal.

Misconception 3: Addicts are easy to identify

Opiate addiction in AZ is so common that you most likely will be able to successfully identify opiate addicts around you. The truth is that some opiate addicts have become addicted in an attempt to deal with some pain that they are going through (mostly physical pain). Opiate addiction in AZ is not common to only some demography; you can find addicts among every sex, demography or race.

Misconception 4: There is nothing like Medication Addiction

As stated above, opioids are prescribed for some patients to help them deal with some physical pain. In such cases, wrong use of such medications even when prescribed by a doctor may lead to addiction. Use of the medication within the prescription will not lead to an addiction though. But in some cases, it becomes quite natural to want to take more to further ease the pain.

These misconceptions affect the way persons treat addicts and could also deter the addict from seeking help. It will be better to offer addicts as much help as they can get. Call our opiate addiction rehab center today.

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