Arizona 12 Step Recovery Program

Our drug treatment center blends the traditional 12 Step model with holistic, cutting edge treatment modalities. The goal is to help you develop a clean lifestyle that promotes skills to assist you the rest of your life – wherever you are – long after treatment has been completed.

The difference between Silver Sands Recovery and other rehabs is that we will take you to 12 Step meetings from the beginning of your stay. We believe your introduction to this process should begin immediately and it is a strong tool to help attain lifelong sobriety.

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Arizona 12 Step Rehab at Silver Sands Recovery

We believe that the 12 Step program, in combination with our holistic healing and therapeutic treatment approaches, is one of the best ways to address your substance abuse problem. Addiction hurts more than the physical body – your spirit needs to heal as well.

The 12 Steps recovery programs are a spiritual approach to addiction treatment as opposed to physical treatment such as medication or mental treatment like cognitive behavioral therapy. While it is not strictly religious, many of the concepts and teachings have religious connotation, making it much more effective for religious people. It emphasizes putting faith in a higher power – whatever that means to you – to help guide you through the addiction and point you in the right direction after sobriety is achieved. This includes accepting fault for past and future transgressions, working to constantly improve yourself in the eyes of your higher power.

The 12 Steps

While the 12 Steps started with Alcoholics Anonymous, they can be adapted to apply to just about any addiction group.

In short, the 12 Steps are:

  1. Admit we were powerless over our addictions & life was not sustainable
  2. Look to a higher power (your God) for faith that things can get better
  3. Give our lives over to God and accept their help
  4. Take a moral inventory of ourselves, our wrongdoing, and who we’ve hurt
  5. Admit to God and 1 other person your faults & wrongs
  6. Be willing to accept God’s help
  7. Ask God to absolve us of our sins and remove our shortcomings
  8. Identify harm caused in our past and be willing to make amends
  9. Make amends to those we have harmed
  10. Accept responsibility for the past and work towards forgiveness
  11. Connect with God through prayer and meditation for knowledge to share & the power to share it
  12. Carry God’s teachings forwards to help others who are suffering and apply the principles in daily life

How the 12 Steps Work

The 12 Step program is a set of 12 principles that help guide you to improve your spiritual and mental well-being while your body recovers. It urges you to acknowledge your faults, accept the past, and address the reality of your addiction as being uncontrollable to handle alone. This includes seeking and accepting help from a higher power that can cleanse your shortcomings and the addiction that accompanied them. This cleansing of the mind helps you focus on righting any wrongs you have committed in the past as a result of your addiction. This allows you to truly put the past behind you and move on to a happier and healthier life where you no longer commit these wrongdoings.

A major aspect of the 12 steps is social responsibility and unity among those who have suffered from addiction. AA meetings and other 12 Step programs for addiction recovery believe that by helping others, you can better help yourself. This is why they encourage you to hold each other responsible for following and sharing the 12 Steps. This often comes in the form of sponsors who can encourage you and understand what you’re going through, helping you along the path to sobriety.

Once you have employed the principles preached, share what you’ve learned throughout the process with others who are suffering so that they too can find spiritual redemption in their lives.

Why Implement the 12 Steps Recovery Program?

The 12 Steps has been implemented by thousands of Alcoholics Anonymous groups throughout the years and was adapted to fit other treatment groups like Gamblers Anonymous as well due to its effectiveness. While exact statistics are hard to find due to a wide variety of circumstances around each member, we’ve found that the 12 Steps to recovery program work because they form a community support system that not everyone has available to them regularly.

Addiction plagues millions of people in the United States alone but finding people who understand what you’re going through and can help you through recovery is vital on the days that you want to relapse. Every day is a new challenge, but together we can conquer it.

Additionally, addiction can break our spirits and make us feel hopeless, so the process of putting your faith into a higher power that can start you anew is a great way to renew your confidence and put you in the right mindset for pursuing sobriety. As you progress, your confidence and motivation will grow to not only wanting to stay clean and sober but also wanting to help others find the same salvation. This allows you to be a positive role model for others who are suffering from addiction by helping those in need through other 12 Step meetings, or just being a positive force in everyday life.

Silver Sands Recovery 12 Step Rehab

At Silver Sands Recovery, the principles of the 12 Steps influences our treatment so that we can comprehensively address your addiction physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our holistic approach to recovery is guided by the spiritual and social emphasis that the 12 Steps preaches, helping to keep you motivated to improve while you’re with us and then carry that motivation through sobriety. It can be difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel during the early stages of detoxification and recovery, but our expert staff can be your guiding hand. Our family-focused treatment philosophy and close-knit groups ensure that you always have someone to talk to when you need it most – any time of day.

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