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The decision to enlist help for heroin addiction can be a challenging but life-changing choice. The number of heroin-related overdose fatalities continues to rise, resulting in 5 times the number of deaths than ten years ago.[1] Perhaps you have lost friends to the highly addictive substance and wonder, “could that be me?” You have the power to regain control of your life by choosing a heroin rehab in Arizona. Professional support is within reach.

Heroin rehab in Prescott, Arizona

Heroin Rehabilitation Process at Silver Sands Recovery

At Silver Sands Recovery, we understand that seeking help for heroin addiction can be overwhelming; therefore, we make the heroin addiction rehab admission process as effortless as possible. Should you travel to see us, Our Arizona Heroin rehab team can arrange discreet transportation from the airport to ensure you arrive safely. Specialists will complete a comprehensive initial evaluation to design a tailored plan for your individual needs. Silver Sands Recovery presents various methods of treatment to support the right combination for you.

Our treatment offerings include:

Medically Supervised Heroin Detox in Arizona

The first step in achieving a full life of sobriety is detox from heroin. The withdrawal symptoms associated with stopping heroin use can be both uncomfortable and dangerous. Many people experience withdrawal side effects, including sweats, tremors, chills, depression, abdominal pain, nausea, agitation, muscle spasms, insomnia, and racing heart rate. Silver Sands Recovery can refer you to a medically supervised detox to provide you with a safe, comfortable space to rid your body of the substance.

Qualified staff will prescribe medication such as buprenorphine or methadone to aid in easing the severe withdrawal symptoms. This process is a critical piece in the recovery journey, as many people experience withdrawal symptoms so severe that they relapse and turn back to heroin. The detox medication is steadily tapered down over several days and eventually discontinued to provide you with a healthy detox. Professional support and monitoring will ensure you succeed in breaking the chains of heroin addiction.

Dual Diagnosis Help for Heroin Addiction

It is common for those suffering from heroin addiction to also struggle with mental health conditions. This can be due to the powerful impact heroin has on the brain or the evidence that substance use can exacerbate or cause mental disorders. Discontinuing the use of heroin commonly results in depression symptoms. Dual diagnosis treatment allows us to address your mental health while also treating substance addiction simultaneously. This approach sees great long-term success as we are able to treat the entire person rather than just individual elements. The initial assessment will determine if a dual diagnosis treatment plan will benefit you.

A Fulfilling Life of Sobriety After Heroin Rehab Arizona

We understand that healing takes time and dedication. Silver Sands aims to equip you with the skills necessary to live a fulfilling life free of heroin. We are confident that you will have the ability to overcome any challenges that may arise in the future upon leaving Silver Sands. Those that may require additional long-term support may benefit from extensive outpatient treatment.

The Right Time to Seek Help From a Heroin Rehab Center Arizona

If you are considering whether rehab for heroin could be right for you, it may be time to seek professional help. The chains of heroin addiction are challenging to break alone. If you have attempted sobriety in the past without success, you likely recognize it. Fortunately, with compassionate guidance and support, Silver Sands can help you overcome addiction. Equipped with evidence-based techniques and fresh Arizona air, Silver Sands Recovery will help you reclaim your life.

FAQ’s – Heroin Rehab Arizona

How is heroin addiction treated?

Silver Sands Recovery believes that there is no “right” way to treat heroin addiction. Each person is unique, just as each addiction manifests differently. Our comprehensive assessment allows our qualified team to curate a treatment plan specifically for your requirements. This treatment plan will likely involve a combination of our proven methods. The first step is coordinating safe detoxification to aid in withdrawal side effects. After freeing yourself of withdrawal, you will participate in outdoor recreation, constructive meetings, and holistic self-discovery to assist in regaining the life you had before heroin.

How can I pay for heroin addiction rehab in Arizona?

The financial aspect of heroin rehab may be a factor in selecting a recovery center. Silver Sands accepts numerous insurance plans to aid in covering the cost of rehab. Many health insurance plans cover some or all heroin treatment services. We encourage you to complete a courtesy insurance verification form to establish your coverage at our facility. An admission coordinator will then reach out to you with this information. Silver Sands can also accommodate those who do not possess health insurance. Contact our admission office directly to discuss prices or your coverage. Professional help for heroin addiction is an investment in your future.

How long does heroin rehab take in Arizona?

The length of time that clients spend at Silver Sands varies based on the individual. The initial detox process generally ranges from 5 to 14 days. Following detox, our qualified staff will determine the recommended duration of treatment based on your individual needs. Some people may feel confident in taking on a life of sobriety after 30 days, whereas others need more time. An extended outpatient care option is available for those who may need extended support after completing heroin rehab in AZ.

Will I connect with my family while in heroin rehab?

Yes! We strongly encourage connection with your support system while at Silver Sands. You can choose to meet with your loved ones in person or phone/video chat throughout your time with us if they are far. Family and friends will be the foundation to help support you through your life of recovery after heroin rehabilitation. Should you need help rebuilding relationships during rehab, our professional team can guide you through this process.

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[1]: https://www.cdc.gov/drugoverdose/opioids/heroin.html#:~:text=Heroin-involved%20overdose%20deaths%20have%20increased

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