Silver Sands Sports & Golf Division

Exclusive for Our Client Community

A newly created division available to pro, semi-pro, collegiate athletes, and enthusiasts who are addicted to drugs and or alcohol. In between treatment and meetings, you will have the opportunity to have instruction and practice with our experienced staff. They are there to help you gain confidence, have fun, and continue your training while you are here. Our sports program is a feature that is exclusive to the Silver Sands Recovery client community.

Signature Hale Irwin course is framed with scenic views of the Granite Dells and The San Francisco Peaks.

Other Sports Activities Offered at Silver Sands Recovery

At Silver Sands Recovery in Arizona, you have the opportunity to enjoy a variety of sports and other outdoor activities. These include basketball, golf, softball, hiking, outdoor therapy, and equine therapy.

Not only are these amenities fun and relaxing but they have many other benefits as well.

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from participating in sports and other activities at Silver Sands Recovery:

Sports Benefits During Rehab

Sports and team activities help heal the Mind, Body, and Soul. Building and being introduced to a healthy living routine while in a structured environment leads to successful habits to last a lifetime. Due to past circumstances, many have spent years isolating themselves. Now is the time to explore a new life of activities that will have a positive influence to achieve a happy, healthy, sober lifestyle.

Holistic Treatment During Rehab

As a part of holistic treatment, you will be focusing on your health as a whole. One part of this is taking care of your physical health and staying active. When you have access to different sports and other activities, you will give your body the physical care it needs.

New Hobbies & Interests During Rehab

When you have the opportunity to try out all of these different sports and activities, you are likely to find a new hobby. Discovering something you enjoy is very important and can encourage you to participate in it regularly.

With a variety of different sports and outdoor activities for you to participate in, there is something for everyone to try. Even if you have not played sports before, you can branch out and try something new. It is great for your body, mind, and soul and you might even discover a new interest.

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