Making Your Child’s Drug Rehab In AZ Successful

There are so many treatment centers for drug rehab in AZ and really virtually all the drug rehab centers in AZ have the facilities, human and material resources to provide effective rehab programs but unfortunately, none of them can boast of over 95% success rate.

The reason is that even if you check your child, sibling or ward into the best center for drug rehab in AZ, you also have your own role to play. Treatment centers cannot make more than 60 percent contribution to the successful rehab of your loved one.

You have a role to play in this and rehab centers cannot play your role. Why do you think someone suffering from a drug addiction will check into a center and come out better and healthier than another person with a lower degree of drug addiction? The difference is usually the level of family support.

There are three stages of rehabilitation – pre-rehab, in-rehab and post-rehab and you have to contribute to each stage. Below are the necessary tips to make your child’s rehab a success.

Convince him to check into a rehab

People suffering from drug addiction usually refuse to check into a rehab for two main reasons. They initially don’t agree that they are already addicted. The second reason that they may not be able to discuss with you is that they are afraid that they may not get a steady supply of the drug they are addicted to.

So, it is your duty to convince him gradually on why he should go to a rehab. Don’t include any element of force or confrontation. And most importantly, don’t expect him to agree immediately. It will take days, weeks or even months.

Don’t isolate him

It is not uncommon for people to isolate someone suffering from drug addiction especially when he refuses to check into a rehab. When you do that, you are gradually pushing him towards suicide. You are trying to get rid of the addiction not the person suffering from it. So you should not take actions that will hurt him. You won’t dispose your car because it has a cracked windshield. So, your target should be the addiction.

Consider his feelings

Even if he has an addiction problem, he is still human and he has feelings. So, watch what you say to him. Do not call him an addict. That will probably mark the beginning of the end. Besides, you may force him to unleash the violent part of him.

The idea is to treat him with love, patience and tolerance. The moment he agrees to go for rehabilitation is the beginning of victory for you and him against his addiction. His willingness to go for treatment means he will cooperate and follow instructions at the center. Forcing him to go there could lead to a deliberate sabotage of your efforts.

Visit regularly during rehab

It is very important that you visit him during rehab. Do not let him feel abandoned. Each of your visits strengthens him further. It keeps him going.

Engage him after rehab

Days of idleness could lead to relapse for him. You need to find a way to engage him after rehab. So, you should discuss this with him each time you visit him during rehab so that he won’t have to wait for long after rehab. It is also important that you bar him from mingling with his old friends and from visiting parties, clubs and anywhere he could be tempted with drugs.

In conclusion, following all these tips in conjunction with his rehab program will surely increase his chances of permanent recovery to over 95%

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