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The decision to seek help for alcohol use can be overwhelming. It takes a great deal of courage to take the first step toward the healthy life you deserve. Silver Sands Recovery understands that there is no “right” way to overcome alcohol disorders Through a combination of proven methods, our specialized staff customizes each treatment program for you as an individual. Silver Sands offers alcohol rehab in Prescott designed to break the chains of addiction and create a successful life of recovery.

Alcohol Rehab in Prescott AZ

Factors to Consider When Choosing Alcohol Rehab Near You in Prescott, Arizona

Perhaps you have attempted recovery in the past without success. You want this time to be the final time. Selecting the right alcohol rehab treatment program for you is critical in achieving long-term sobriety. Consider these seven key components when choosing a treatment center.

1. Comfort

Your comfort is important when undergoing this life-changing process. Whether you are local to Prescott or prefer to seek alcohol rehab away, Silver Sands Recovery aims to make all participants feel as comfortable as possible. We offer complimentary airport pickup to execute your transition with ease. The serene setting and fresh air allow you to focus on your needs while Silver Sands handles the rest. Our expansive outdoor space encourages the discovery of new hobbies and interests. Silver Sands Recovery also offers a smaller program allowing for more personalized attention.

2. Family Involvement

Silver Sands believes that your support system is an essential component to achieving long-term success in recovery. You are encouraged to incorporate your family as much or as little as you wish throughout your journey. Participants can connect with loved ones through phone calls, video chats, or in-person communication.

3.Qualified Staff

With numerous years of experience and specialized knowledge, the qualified staff at Silver Sands Recovery are eager to aid in your journey to recovery. We have helped numerous individuals overcome alcohol use disorders through compassionate care and respect. Our experienced professionals implement evidence-based treatment techniques while modifying them to your personal needs.

4. Treatment Options

No two people are the same, just as no two paths to addiction are alike. At Silver Sands Recovery, we offer numerous approaches to alcohol rehabilitation. Our Prescott alcohol rehab qualified staff will customize a treatment plan specifically for you, based on your individual needs. You may prefer a holistic approach to alcohol rehab or benefit from outdoor activities. If you are not finding success with a particular type of treatment, our experienced professionals can make adjustments to provide you with the support you need.

Silver Sands Recovery offers both inpatient options and intensive outpatient treatment. Based on your individual requirements, a comprehensive assessment will determine which choice is best for you.

5. Cost of Alcohol Rehab in Prescott

The cost of alcohol rehab in Arizona may be a factor when selecting a rehab program. If you have health insurance, several health plans cover all or a portion of alcohol rehab treatment services. Silver Sands does accept many medical insurance plans. You are encouraged to complete an insurance verification form. After receiving your information, an admission coordinator can assess your coverage at our facility. Silver Sands accommodates those without insurance as well. You can request an estimate for cost by contacting our admission office. Seeking the help you need is an investment in yourself.

6. Ease of Admission

The admission process should not be overwhelming; seeking help for alcohol use is stressful enough. We have streamlined admission to Silver Sands Recovery to make it as effortless as possible. Our admission coordinator will facilitate payment, admission dates, and transportation to our center from the airport.

7. Long-term Success

Recovery is a life-long journey. After completing treatment at Silver Sands, patients are equipped with the critical skills needed to enjoy a fulfilling life of sobriety. We aspire to help you regain and maintain the healthy life you deserve. Silver Sands offers extended outpatient care for those individuals who may need additional support throughout recovery. We are here for you should you require any future assistance after the rehabilitation program.

Many Paths to Sobriety

At Silver Sands, we have one goal: to help you regain control of your life. Our Prescott alcohol rehab center will allow you to achieve confidence through long-term sobriety. Our methods see success because we tailor the process to each person based on your individual needs. The proven alcohol rehabilitation techniques that Silver Sands Recovery offers include:

12 Step Alcohol Rehab program Near You in Prescott, Arizona

The 12 step program is a mainstay in alcohol recovery. It serves as a guide to overcoming substance addictions through a proven stepwise plan. Silver Sands combines components of the 12 steps with holistic approaches to break the chains of alcohol addiction. These methods are utilized after alcohol rehab to aid in a fulfilling life of sobriety.

Alcohol Detox in Prescott

Detox from alcohol is the process of eliminating alcohol from the system. When alcohol consumption is halted, many people experience withdrawal symptoms, including shaking, sweating, nausea, or anxiety. Silver Sands can guide you to a detox facility for a safe and comfortable alcohol detox as a first step towards recovery. Medically supervised detox can be recommended for those who experience severe withdrawal symptoms. In these individuals, detox can be dangerous or even life-threatening without support. Our knowledgeable staff can determine whether medical detox would benefit you on your journey towards sobriety.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Silver Sands treats not only physical addiction or dependence on alcohol but also any underlying mental challenges that may contribute to the problem. Unfortunately, alcohol use can worsen existing mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or personality disorders. Alcohol can even cause these mental illnesses in some people. Dual diagnosis treatment can help those struggling with problematic alcohol use and mental health conditions. The dual diagnosis process addresses both psychological disorders and alcohol dependency or addiction simultaneously to ensure success.

Silver Sands Alcohol Rehab in Prescott, Arizona

A fulfilling life of sobriety is within reach. If you are struggling with alcohol addiction or abuse disorder, know that Silver Sands has numerous options available to help. Alcohol rehab does not have to be a scary process. Our comfortable, serene facility and evidence-based techniques will ensure your rehabilitation is successful. Contact our staff to begin the admission process and regain the life you deserve.

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