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We specialize in heroin addiction, drug addiction, chronic relapse,opiate addiction, alcohol addiction.

Silver Sands Recovery was founded with an uncompromising goal; to provide a superior foundation for LONG TERM SOBRIETY. We know all too well how addiction can ruin relationships and destroy your future.

Our highly trained and educated staff will encourage, support, and help you get through the most difficult times. At Silver Sands Recovery alcohol and drug addiction treatment facility we will give men and women ages 18 and over, the tools needed to recover from addiction.

Our custom extended care gives our clients the TIME NEEDED to be successful in their recovery. Each client is assigned a team of experienced therapists to plan, carry out, and monitor every part of their recovery. The goal is to bring our clients through the process of sobriety in the safest and most comfortable way possible.

The Silver Sands Recovery clinical team closely monitors our clients for any signs of discomfort or anxiety. We go to great lengths to create a feeling of comfort and security.Silver Sands Recovery can help anyone recover from addiction or substance abuse. We offer customized treatment, incredible support, extended care programs, and are here to answer your questions 24/7.

We have seen first hand the devastation caused by drug addiction in Arizona and across the entire country.

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Our Family Style Approach

We provide men and women safe, 24 hour care and support with our treatment program. We offer clients the opportunity to focus solely on their recovery shielded from the distractions of the outside world. We relieve the client’s burden of temptation that’s been present in their day to day life by providing a safe structured, family style environment increasing their recovery success rate.

Client Living

Silver Sands Recovery clients live in large, beautiful, and comfortable off site supervised separate male and female houses. That means incredible care and supervision your entire stay. Unlike many other rehabs that house clients in apartments where they “check in on you”, our clients live in actual houses, which makes your supervision far superior. House managers are there with you to listen to you and support you in the quiet hours when you may need a shoulder to cry on the most. We cannot stress enough that supervision is key to helping you stay sober, this is especially true in the early stages of your recovery. Housing structure is of paramount importance in helping you sustain sobriety.

You Are Unique

Since not every addiction is the same, our addiction treatment plan varies by the individual. Sometimes a long term stay is recommended, this will be determined by you, your progress, and the recommendation of your clinical team. Your extended care plan is modified to fit YOUR needs. You may need additional time to focus on specific areas, like physical health and body issues. Other clients may want to stay in our program longer and receive the additional support Silver Sands Recovery provides.
Overcoming addiction is not easy. There isn’t a magic program that can guarantee your success. Your long term recovery depends on your willingness and commitment to success, however the tools you will need to sustain long term sobriety will be given to you at Silver Sands Recovery.

Family and Loved Ones

We HIGHLY recommend your family take part in your healing process by joining our private one on one sessions weekly via phone. Facetime may be available and will be up to your therapist at the time of your weekly call. Once you leave our facility, you and your loved ones can count on us for outpatient treatment to help deal with the tough decisions and temptations you face in the outside world.

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