It’s not just about getting sober, it’s about staying sober.

It’s been a long road here. I lived in a suburban upper middle class town in New Jersey and started doing drugs before the age of 16. From the age of 16-18 I lived at home creating chaos and turning everyone’s lives upside down. No one knew what was happening, not even me until I went to of all places Disney in Florida with my family. I started withdrawing while on a family vacation from oxycontin. It was a nightmare for me and all around me. From the age of 18-21 I went to drug rehabs in Florida 12 different times, and I relapsed all 12 times. I finally got sober when I went to treatment away from it all…. Prescott, Arizona. It was a game changer. I won’t say this was easy because it wasn’t, but what did make a difference was the place, the people, the meetings, and the time I was allowed to stay there. Today I am sober, happy, I have a job and I am a enrolling in college. I work the program every day, go to meetings, and surround myself with people that work the program too. If you ask anyone that knew me from the age of 16-21 years old, they would not believe this transformation. I was, even by my own admission at the time, a hopeless case…. but today I am here to tell you to never give up hope. If I can do this, so can you.

-Jessica, Heroin Addict from New Jersey, 23 Years Old. Sober.

Silver Sands Recovery and our highly trained team is here.

If this is your first time seeking help or you’ve tried other rehabs and relapsed, then change what you are doing and go to where you have a better chance of long term sobriety. We are located in a small town with a large sober community, surrounded by mountains and clean air.

“Silver Sands recovery made the difference for my 23 year old son, an opioid addict who had tried several times unsuccessfully to stay sober in rehab and IOP’s for a couple of years. Silver Sands provided the right atmosphere and the extended time which was crucial for my son to get and stay sober. Being away from the city and being immersed in the realness of the simple life of Prescott Arizona allowed him to re-experience was what was important in life. It also facilitated healing from the trauma and grief he was trying to numb. The staff at Silver Sands truly cares about its clients and the clients feel it. I have extreme gratitude to Lisa, to her great staff and to the clients at Silver Sands who shared themselves and enabled my son to embrace life again drug-free and with gusto!

-JC, New York City

” Being able to speak with the owner multiple times and get answers on treatment and planning was something we never experienced anywhere else. They truly work with the family to get us all on the same page. It helped get my son to stay in treatment and he would not be where he is today, sober”.


“Silver Sands staff have been the best people that has come our way on this journey in YEARS.”


“Finding Silver Sands has been a godsend and I’m deeply appreciative.”


“Words can not express the gratitude we feel for the support you have given to our son, myself, and my husband. We could not have picked a more caring, supportive facility, and I would not hesitate to recommend Silver Sands to anyone in need. God bless you all!


“Relapsing over and over again was my pattern. I went to rehab, came home, and almost immediately relapsed every time. Thirty days in a rehab was not enough time for me. I tried sober living homes right afterwards, but it was not structured like a rehab. I had too much freedom too soon. Getting away and having time gave me the chance I needed to make it.

-Steven, Heroin Addict, 29 Years Old. Sober.

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