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Sobriety is a lifelong journey with many different paths. We understand that some may struggle more than others with overcoming addiction, and we’re here to offer a safe, judgment-free place for men and women to become comfortable and confident in their sobriety. For some, this means a short program with Silver Sands. However, it’s completely normal for men and women of all ages and walks of life to need longer, more personalized care. Because we want each person who comes to us to leave with the ability to live his or her best life, we offer customizable, extended addiction treatment.

Who Benefits From an Extended Addiction Treatment Program?

The truth is that almost anyone can benefit from a longer time with us. In general, those with relapse problems, severe addictions or psychological difficulties are some of the best candidates for extended addiction treatment.

It’s important to remember that the earliest stages of recovery are the most difficult, and it’s easy to fall back into a destructive cycle of substance abuse if you aren’t under consistent supervision. This is true of anyone, and it’s why extended care is often the best choice for anyone struggling with detox or long-term sobriety.

What Happens in Extended Care Rehab?

Our programs are offered in increments of 30, 60 or 90 days, and there is no limit to how many consecutive programs a person may request.

At Silver Sands, everyone is treated like a valued family member, and this means that our staff will help every client in whatever way is best for him or her. This “come as you are” approach means that we don’t use a one-size-fits-all program structure.

Instead, we employ holistic healing techniques that focus on the whole person rather than just the addiction. In this way, our extended care allows clients to truly heal from whatever was triggering addictive behaviors so that they can live happy, fulfilling lives after treatment.

In extended care, we include programs such as talk therapy, 12 steps, clean eating, and wellness education. If needed, we also offer dual diagnosis treatments. It’s common for substance abuse to occur alongside psychological disorders, and we help patients address these underlying issues before leaving to facilitate better recovery.

What Are the Benefits of Extended Care Programs?

Extended rehab programs are ideal for giving clients an optimal environment for recovery. When patients are with us, they are effectively insulated from any outside stressors such as work, school, toxic relationships, and tempting situations.

Temporarily eliminating these stressors and pressures allows clients to focus completely on the work of recovery and total healing, which goes a long way towards achieving long-term sobriety. When a person leaves Silver Sands, he or she will do so with the necessary mental tools and strategies to deal with stressors in a healthy, constructive way.

Another focus for our extended program patients is taking steps to ensure a successful transition from treatment to life after Silver Sands.

We want every person that comes through our doors to leave with the confidence and tools necessary to succeed in whatever his or her dreams are, so we do everything in our power to help clients prepare for re-entering the world. We offer aftercare planning, and we let each person know that we are always just a phone call away.

One final benefit to extended addiction treatment is the community that patients build up during treatment. While everyone is on his or her individual journey of healing and recovery, there is still a strong sense of camaraderie and family, and this type of positivity and support is an excellent tool for maintaining sobriety.

Extended Care Rehab For Long-term Success

At Silver Sands, we want everyone who works with us to feel healthy, happy, confident and empowered. An extended addiction program is often the right choice for long-term sobriety.

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