The trite saying “Today is the first day of the rest of your life” is especially apt for a person facing rehab. The first hurdle is deciding to seek help because people fear change no matter how bad their present situation is.

There are also the misconceptions about what rehab is because of how addictions have been treated in the past. Only in recent years has addiction been considered a medical condition and not a lack of moral “fiber” and will.

It is true that a dysfunctional, alcoholic and drug-addicted environment will do damage to anyone, especially to a child. Children grow up thinking that these conditions are “normal” and will copy the behavior or succumb to peer pressure from others in the same “boat.”

The result is a proliferation of addiction cases in teenagers and young adults. Some studies indicate that about 90% of all addicts began their substance abuse before their 18th birthday.

One of the goals at Silver Sands Recovery located in Prescott, Arizona is to help patients understand the sources of their addiction in the belief that this will aid in recovery and prevent relapses. The “how” question is easily answered, but the answer to the “why” question is often elusive.

What Happens at Rehabs in Arizona?

At Silver Sands, a confidential evaluation is made to determine if detoxification is needed. Going “cold turkey” is dangerous for someone with serious addictions, and this may require a medical detox at a qualified detox center before any treatment can begin. Once cleared for admission, the patient is brought to the beautiful mountainous Silver Sands facility in Prescott, Arizona that provides the peaceful and caring backdrop for the road to sobriety.

Silver Sands is one of the rehabs in Arizona. Patients at Silver Sands live in actual houses with men and women in separate homes and are kept under supervision by a house manager trained to handle what can be a stressful time during the early phases of recovery. The staff is led by Dr. Rob Ashby who is a medical doctor with a slew of other titles behind his name. He is certified by the American Board of Pain Management (ABPM) and is one of the few medical directors who is certified in addiction medicine. Other staff members are recovered addicts themselves or have relatives who are addicts. This experience gives them the passion for helping others similarly affected.

If the treatment of addictions were as simple as taking a pill and getting some rest, then Silver Sands in Prescott, Arizona would be nothing more than a vacation resort for golfers. The reality is that addicts need treatment that is non-judgmental, strongly supervised and planned with the most modern resources and trained staff of professionals. Silver Sands offers all of that to give the addict the tools to gain long-term recovery.

If you or a family member is ready to make a committed effort, the staff at Silver Sands in Prescott, Arizona will guide you from the verification of insurance to the day you leave, clean and sober and with a plan to stay that way. For more information call Silver Sands at 833-247-0015 or send a message via email to and begin that “first day” in earnest.

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