Addiction Treatment Programs

Our Addiction Treatment Program is Designed to “BREAK THE CHAINS OF ADDICTION”

The addition treatment program at Silver Sands Recovery will help you get your life on track with our founding principles: superior quality care and exceptional supervision for patients undergoing heroin, alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Why Choose the Silver Sands Recovery Addiction Treatment Program?

The smaller program at Silver Sands means that each client receives more attention. The Drug and Alcohol Programs offered by Silver Sands Recovery consist of individualized custom care plans which are tailored to each person’s specific needs. Our mission is to build you back up so you can graduate from our program feeling more confident and more in charge of your life than you ever have before.

During the admissions process and throughout our addiction treatment program, psych evaluations will be done to ensure that the underlying issues of addiction can be addressed. Our process works to treat the whole person – not only the physical addiction.

Family & Treatment at Silver Sands

We firmly believe in a family-style approach to addiction treatment. We encourage family and loved ones’ involvement during treatment via FaceTime, Skype and/or in person sessions with the person in treatment. We also promise clear communication with the Silver Sands Team.

At our beautiful facility, clients have access to a full range of alternative therapies. Silver Sands Recovery recognizes the importance of integrating physical and mental health with our addiction therapy processes for a full and healthy recovery. We are able to do this by reintegrating real-life routines in a comfortable, but structured environment through sports, part-time work, school, and exercise.

From Our Medical Director

Silver Sands Recovery Medical Director, Dr. Luciani, a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry said, “I consider myself an advocate for those suffering from the chronic, relapsing disease of Substance Use Disorder; a disease mostly misunderstood as a pure behavioral problem when in fact it is a disease of disrupted brain chemistry. Patients need the compassion, respect and treatment due anyone with a chronic disease. I am dedicated to this cause.”


When a person makes the decision to begin addiction treatment, they may experience withdrawal symptoms when they decrease or stop using the substance. In order to safely and effectively manage these symptoms, medical detox is sometimes recommended before other treatment may begin. This is done in a medically supervised setting where the person is monitored by medical professionals around the clock. During detox, the medical team works to keep the patient as comfortable as possible during a process that can be extremely dangerous if attempted on their own.

Silver Sands Recovery understands that Detox alone is not adequate addiction treatment. Getting rid of the physical dependence on a substance is only the first step. Following detox, we work with each person to create a custom care plan that suits their needs.

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12 Step Rehab

When you hear of the 12 Step treatment method, you may associate that with going to an AA meeting. While our treatment program at Silver Sands Recovery does include attending meetings, 12 Step Rehab includes so much more than meetings. Silver Sands Recovery takes the principles of the 12 Steps and uses them in conjunction with other proven therapy modalities. The 12 Steps have been effective in the treatment of addiction for decades, but we are able to take it a step further when we are able to utilize one-on-one therapy sessions, group therapy sessions, and family therapy sessions, among other behavioral change techniques.

Combining the principles of the 12 steps with these other methods has given our clients great success in long-term sobriety. Because we provide a custom program, we are also able to change course during treatment if we see that something is not as effective for one person as it is for another.

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Holistic Addiction Treatment

Silver Sands Recovery believes in treating the whole person – body, mind, and spirit. It’s not enough for a person to detox from drugs and/or alcohol. Each person we meet has different circumstances that led them to where they were when they came to us for help. There are typically a number of underlying issues that manifest in addiction and other destructive behavior.

Using holistic treatment methods helps our clients to work through past experiences, healing their mind and spirit. While belief in a higher power is not required, we do find that clients that explore that possibility are able to effectively channel emotion during the healing process.

During active addiction, the human body becomes depleted of many essential vitamins and nutrients. We provide a healthy, clean eating plan and teach our clients methods to maintain proper nutrition when they leave our program.

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Arizona Dual Diagnosis

Many people who are struggling with addiction are also dealing with a mental health condition at the same time. When this happens, dual diagnosis treatment is necessary. Dual diagnosis treatment takes a look at both (or all) conditions and treats them at the same time. This concurrent treatment method is the most effective form of treatment when a person is dealing with more than addiction alone.

The most common mental health concerns we see are depression and anxiety. Other conditions including PTSD and other personality disorders are also common. If a client is unsure about whether they require dual diagnosis treatment, as is usually the case, our team will work with them during the admission process to ensure that we can address all of the underlying issues that they are dealing with. We also provide psych evaluations throughout our program to ensure that the therapies and methods are effectively managing and healing as the person progresses through treatment.

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Extended Care in Arizona

Extended Addiction Treatment in Arizona is available at Silver Sands Recovery. We offer 30, 60, and 90 day addiction treatment options. Extended care treatment offers for a more successful transition from rehab to life as we are able to use the longer time frame to teach accountability and give the client a longer time to heal physically and emotionally.

Silver Sands recognizes that sometimes clients need longer than a 30 day stay with us, which is why we offer extended care options for longer stays. During an extended program, a more extensive aftercare plan can be established. We are also able to offer night outpatient extended care.

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