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Our program is designed to “BREAK THE CHAINS OF ADDICTION“.

Treatment Programs

Silver Sands Recovery will help you get your life on track with our founding principles: superior quality care and exceptional supervision for patients undergoing heroin, alcohol and drug addiction treatment.

Our mission is to build you back up so you can graduate from our program feeling more confident and more in charge of your life than you ever have before.

At our beautiful facility, clients have access to a full range of alternative therapies. Silver Sands Recovery recognizes the importance of integrating physical and mental health with our addiction therapy processes for a full and healthy recovery.

12 Step Addiction Treatment

Our inpatient drug treatment blends the traditional 12 Step model with holistic, clean living, and cutting edge treatment modalities. The goal is to help you develop a lifestyle that promotes skills to assist you the rest of your life, wherever you are, long after treatment has been completed.

The difference between Silver Sands Recovery and other rehabs is Silver Sands Recovery will take you to a 12 Step meeting your very first night, and every day thereafter. We believe your introduction to this process should start immediately and it is the best way to attain lifelong sobriety.

For AA Meetings info please Click Here.

Holistic Healing

Holistic Treatment goes hand in hand with CLEAN LIVING, and generally refers to the mind, body, and soul.

We believe in taking this approach one step further by introducing a healthy, clean eating plan designed to increase your overall natural ability to be – HAPPY.

This will not happen overnight, however a steady regimen of eating clean and healthy will improve your quality of life dramatically. YOU can live a happy sober life!

Benefits of Holistic Healing

Self-awareness is one of the primary goals of holistic healing and in addition to the traditional analysis and psychotherapy, it promotes long term wellness. Through integrating this approach it helps patients heal from addiction on all levels of the body, mind, and spirit.

One cannot be expected to heal fully without addressing all the areas of one’s life that has been affected by addiction. We remove the connections to people, places, and things that are associated with the addiction, allowing the individual to focus completely on the treatment.

Family and Loved Ones

We HIGHLY recommend your family take part in your healing process by joining our private one on one sessions weekly via phone. Facetime may be available and will be up to your therapist at the time of your weekly call. Once you leave our facility, you and your loved ones can count on us for outpatient treatment to help deal with the tough decisions and temptations you face in the outside world.


The Dual Diagnosis Program at Silver Sands Recovery is designed to assist clients who suffer from a co-occurring disorder along with chemical dependency. We teach our clients the necessary coping skills to manage this problem.

Dual diagnosis refers to a condition where the patient has both a substance addiction coupled with a psychological disorder. A common example would be the combination of alcoholism and depression which can send the patient spiralling out of control. When an addiction is combined with another disorder, they need to be treated at the same time in order to get to the root of the problem.

Our Dual Diagnosis Program also deals with Trauma Resolution. Many addicts and alcoholics have experienced trauma in their lives and they require dual diagnosis treatment. Our highly skilled Clinical Team use the most current methodologies to resolve all levels of trauma and dual diagnosis in conjunction with the client’s recovery from chemical dependency. We focus on treating our clients as a whole person, not just their addiction.

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