Silver Sands Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Prescott, Arizona

The Dual Diagnosis Program at Silver Sands Recovery is designed to assist clients who suffer from a co-occurring disorder along with chemical dependency. In some cases and based on the symptoms, we provide a psychiatric evaluation which is necessary to be diagnosed properly. 

What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to a condition where the patient has both a substance addiction coupled with a psychological disorder. A common example would be the combination of alcoholism and depression which can send the patient spiraling out of control. When an addiction is combined with another disorder, they need to be treated at the same time in order to get to the root of the problem.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center in Prescott, Arizona at Silver Sands Recovery

Our dual diagnosis treatment center program also deals with trauma resolution. Many addicts and alcoholics have experienced trauma in their lives and they require dual diagnosis treatment in Prescott, Arizona. Our highly skilled clinical team uses the most current methodologies to resolve all levels of trauma and dual diagnosis in conjunction with the client’s recovery from chemical dependency. We focus on treating our clients as a whole person, not just their addiction.

Dealing with addiction to drugs or alcohol can be challenging on its own. When you add in other mental health conditions, it becomes even more challenging. It’s important to understand what dual diagnosis is and more importantly how to treat it. Dual diagnosis treatment in Prescott, Arizona at Silver Sands Recovery is available to help patients live a sober and healthy life.

How is Dual Diagnosis Treated?

In order to help someone with a dual diagnosis, both elements need to be treated at the same time for a better chance at preventing a relapse. There are many cases where the substance abuse is treated first, followed by treatment for the psychiatric issues. But, both need to be treated at the same time in order to get to the root of the problem.

If you suspect that you or a loved one may be dealing with a dual diagnosis, both conditions need to be treated at the same time. During the rehab admissions process, our team will work with each individual to identify if there is a co-occurring disorder to be treated. If the co-occurring disorder is found during treatment, adjustments to the treatment plan can be made accordingly. Detox may be recommended first depending on the level of substance addiction.

Behavioral Therapy As Part of Dual Diagnosis Rehab

A major part of treating dual diagnosis comes with behavioral therapy. Between group therapy and individual sessions, the patient can begin to identify and understand the underlying causes of their addiction and how to avoid them. Therapy can also lead to healthier thinking which will also help the patient on their road to sobriety. At times, medication may be prescribed to help the patient deal with psychiatric issues.

Rehab is often recommended for those dealing with a dual diagnosis because both the substance abuse and psychiatric issues can be monitored and treated more closely. Our Arizona dual diagnosis treatment center program gives patients support and will provide a solid foundation for treating both parts of the diagnosis. This also gives patients the opportunity to surround themselves with others who are fighting similar battles. That support can be extremely beneficial when dealing with a dual diagnosis.

Drug and alcohol rehab will help for those who may need consistent structure and monitoring. Often a set routine and structure is determined each week. During this time patients will take part in therapy sessions and learn how to cope in healthy and productive ways with their dual diagnosis.

It’s important to get to the underlying issues in order to stop substance abuse. This may include tailored therapy sessions to meet the needs of those dealing with psychiatric disorders and addiction as well as other types of programs. Both the mental health disorder and addiction will be given the same amount of attention to benefit the patient.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment at Silver Sands Recovery

At Silver Sands Recovery, we recognize the importance of dual diagnosis treatment. We understand how psychiatric issues can trigger a drug or alcohol problem. This is why our Prescott dual diagnosis program also focuses on trauma resolution. Our clinical team will help patients resolve traumas that may have led to their chemical dependency.

As an Arizona dual diagnosis treatment facility, we take the time with each client to devise an individualized treatment plan that makes sense based on their history and diagnosis. The plan will typically consist of a variety of therapies geared towards treating their specific needs, a psychiatric evaluation may be given, and a medical plan from our Medical Director, as well as the introduction of a clean living routine.

Once you complete your treatment program, we also help patients get acclimated to a world without drugs and alcohol. During treatment, many find new hobbies, sports, and activities that will help them avoid the temptations they may face. We also teach patients how to deal with the tough decisions they may encounter once they leave their program. We realize that the journey to sobriety never ends and is why we offer continuing support.

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