Things to Look For In a Prescott Recovery Center

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Things to Look For In a Prescott Recovery Center

Things to Look For In a Prescott Recovery Center

Making the difficult decision to seek substance abuse treatment for you or a loved one is a significant step toward a more fulfilling life. Finding the right Prescott Recovery Center shouldn’t be made more complicated by not understanding treatment options, lack of response from your insurance provider, or not having the opportunity to personalize your treatment. Substance abuse recovery is not a one-size-fits-all remedy, so finding the best recovery center in Prescott should be your main priority.

As you explore different facilities and treatment professionals, be sure to locate a center that offers clear answers to your most pressing questions. Whether this is your first experience with a recovery program or you’re taking strides toward rediscovering the sobriety you once knew, there are a few essential factors to include in your search.

Does the Prescott Recovery Center Understand your Recovery Needs?

To ensure you receive the attention, diagnosis, and treatment that will work best for you, it’s crucial first to evaluate your recovery needs. Prescott Recovery Centers have different specialties when it comes to treatment. Consider the substance and behaviors from which you want to recover and be specific in your facility search.

If you or your loved one are battling underlying behavioral issues, finding a treatment center that offers dual diagnosis treatment should rank high on your priority list. Next, determine what success will look like for you. Celebrating milestones, like 30 days of sobriety, should be a welcomed moment in your facility. But you want to plan for long-term success as well. Find a treatment facility that will offer  Extended care options.

Do They Have a Multifaceted Treatment Team?

To understand and treat all aspects of addiction, your Prescott recovery center needs to offer access to a multidisciplinary care team. Your body is not the only part of you that needs to heal. Understanding how the mind and spirit work to carry you through recovery is part of understanding a holistic approach to recovery.

A holistic approach to recovery introduces each client to a clean-living routine. Whether it’s time outdoors, hiking, golf, or yoga  to help relieve anxiety, understanding how the mind, body, and soul are connected will lead to greater success in your recovery period. 

All Silver Sands Recovery team members are an integral part of the process. We work together to ensure your treatment teaches you from all angles.

Are Personalized Therapy Sessions the Norm?

Throughout your recovery journey, you will participate in many therapy sessions.  A quality Prescott Recovery Center will offer different therapeutic modalities  to ensure you can personalize their treatment plan to your life. Surrounding yourself with others who are experiencing similar adversities may help you find the strength to continue on your path toward sobriety. Our caring staff is available to continue to work with you throughout your treatment. We also work together to recognize what treatment plan works best.

Admissions Guidance

When you’re ready to take the first step into recovery, nothing should stand in your way. This is true especially of paperwork and insurance claims. Look for a substance use recovery center that offers an admissions counselor who will reach out to your insurance company to see what recovery options and costs are covered under your plan. Our admissions staff is available to offer information about your desired program, treatment costs, and making sure you get timely answers and clear communication.

Top Prescott Recovery Center Treatment Options

The Silver Sands Recovery treatment facility is one of the best recovery centers in Prescott AZ.
Our center is staffed with medical professionals and caring therapists who can help you overcome your substance use disorder. For the Silver Sands Recovery team, your success is our mission. We make your treatment our priority. We personalize our approach surrounding your needs and ensure all aspects are included in the process. To learn more about Silver Sands Recovery, and how our methods can meet your recovery needs, contact our caring team of substance abuse specialists.



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