Healing The Body And Mind During Holistic Rehab in Arizona

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Healing The Body And Mind During Holistic Rehab in Arizona

Healing The Body And Mind During Holistic Rehab in Arizona

While many traditional rehabilitation programs are successful, there’s no denying that taking a holistic approach to recovering from substance abuse meets the needs of you as a whole person. Substance misuse and addiction are complex. They require practitioners to address the mind, body, and spirit connections to help you fully break the chains of addiction. That’s why holistic rehab in Arizona is not only popular, but successful, and the best option for you to continue your life addiction-free.

What Is Holistic Rehabilitation?

Holistic approaches to rehabilitation are ones that don’t just treat physical symptoms that accompany addiction, but mental and spiritual issues as well. The 2017 National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 19.7 million Americans dealt with substance use disorder.[1] Because drug and alcohol addiction are complex, researchers believe that integrative approaches offer the best opportunity for long-term success.[2]

A holistic or integrative approach is one that addresses your emotional and physical symptoms of addiction in ways that focus on the mind, body, and spiritual connection. Because drug or alcohol abuse doesn’t just affect your body, but your relationships, mind, and spirit, you need a holistic approach that will take the ‘total’ you into account. Substance abuse and addiction treatment are not one-size-fits-all. Silver Sands Recovery, a holistic rehab in Arizona, offers individual rehabilitation treatment.

Almost 40% of Americans have used some form of Complementary or Alternative Medicine.[3] Holistic rehab in Arizona incorporates some of these approaches that can bring recovery and balance to your mind, spirit, and body. Holistic rehabilitation goes beyond traditional addiction treatment for clean and sober lifestyle habits that last a lifetime.

What Does Holistic Rehabilitation Look Like?

The purpose of holistic rehab in Arizona is to focus on helping you regain your life. We work to help you create a cleaner, healthier way of living substance-free. Holistic rehab practices involve therapy that addresses triggers and past traumas that may have contributed to your addiction, as well as to enable you with coping skills and strategies as you live a sober life.

Holistic therapy also teaches you how to make healthy lifestyle choices. In doing so, you learn how to be present in the moment, or mindful in your daily life. Research suggests that meditation can help with addiction recovery as well as continue to keep your brain healthy.[4]

Additionally, learning how to take care of your body with a clean living routine can enhance your new, sober life, as well as keep you healthier long-term. You may even find that you enjoy hobbies like cooking and holistic rehabilitation helps build those skills to be ones you continue to develop in sober living.

Other features of holistic rehabilitation include working to beat addiction through your creativity. Art, writing, and music can positively contribute to your overall state of mind. Finding positive and healthy outlets like these you can turn to when you have cravings is important to recovery. They can become positive new directions you can follow in your sober life.

Holistic rehab in Arizona also aims to ensure your body is full of good energy and endorphins. Outdoor activities like hiking or even group sports opportunities encourage positive social interactions. When your body is healthy and motivated to exercise, you’re not just breaking an addiction; you’re building habits that will benefit your body in innumerable ways.

All of this is done in combination with a tried and true 12-step program that offers you the best chance of sober living for a lifetime.

Holistic Rehab In Arizona: The Silver Sands Recovery Difference

At Silver Sands Recovery, one of our primary goals for you is to address all areas of your life that are affected by addiction. We know that a combination of traditional 12-step programs combined with holistic practices like clean living, exercise, and even equine therapy will offer you the best chance at breaking the chains of your addiction. Our goal is to help you heal on all levels of your addiction­–mind, body, and spirit. We know that our cutting-edge treatment modalities will help you reset the rest of your life. Our staff will focus on your specific needs and together we help you walk through your individualized treatment.

We know that you may have turned to drugs or alcohol to deal with emotional or physical pains in your life. Using a whole-body, holistic treatment option will help you reclaim your life. At Silver Sands Recovery, we’re not just looking for you to stop using drugs or alcohol. We want to see the whole body, mind, and heart recovery. These are the first steps for your long-term wellness and healing.

Your new beginning can start now. Our caring and compassionate staff want to help you end your addiction once and for all. All you need to do is take the first steps and contact us today. The rest of your new life is waiting.



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