The Benefits of Sports During Prescott Rehab

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The Benefits of Sports During Prescott Rehab

The Benefits of Sports During Prescott Rehab

Organized activities play a large part in many inpatient rehabs. Gyms are one of the most common amenities you will find in most treatment centers. But exercise is more than just something to fill the time between counseling sessions. One of the benefits of sports is they are, in their own way, a form of group therapy. Treatment centers, including Prescott Rehab, offer individuals a chance to channel emotions and thoughts into action using sports.

Exercise in any form is one type of coping skill that promotes a healthy lifestyle and can help prevent relapse. Exercise works on both a physical and psychological level. In other words, working out and staying active can be just as good for your body as it is for your mind. Today, many rehabs adopt a “holistic approach.” This is a comprehensive approach targeted at transforming every area of your life to beat addiction, rather than just focusing on alleviating symptoms and controlling urges.

Exercise as Addiction Therapy

While talk therapy and substance abuse counseling remain the pillars of rehab programs, there is also a wide range of non-traditional addiction therapies proven to be effective. Some people turn to alternative therapies when regular counseling simply did not click. In response, rehabs are implementing more physical activities and amenities to help people establish a genuine connection with their treatment plan. This includes fitness and recreational sports.

Exercise is a form of self-care and a tool.[1] At a physiological level exercise produces endorphins, raises your energy and improves your mood while simultaneously building resilience and helping you tackle mental illness.[2] Addiction has so many unique components that a diverse therapy plan is crucial, if not essential, to achieving lasting results.

Temporary abstinence during treatment is not the goal of rehab. Your time there is only the framework of a drug-free life. You must develop the skills necessary to take care of yourself now and in the future and exercise can be a part of your long-term success.

Benefits of Sports in Addiction Recovery

If you have studied the disease model of addiction, you know brain chemistry plays a fundamental role in both addiction and treatment. Exercise is one-way people in recovery can naturally start to restore balance in their brains. Exercise aids in learning how to reproduce naturally occurring endorphins. It becomes a part of rewiring the reward system, the area most heavily impacted by substance abuse.

Endorphins act like painkillers.[3] They alleviate physical symptoms and lower stress levels. The brain produces more endorphins in response to addiction, which can perpetuate the prolonged feelings of happiness and ease brought on by a high. Getting used to normal, sober levels takes time, and exercise can be a good way to start.

Exercise is also known to increase self-esteem, lower depression, and improve your overall outlook on life. Sometimes, in recovery, you may hit points where you do not even know what is next or what you are striving toward. Exercise gives you a way to move and progress, quelling your uncertainty, and reminding you that you are in control.

Sports and Sobriety

Team sports provide a supportive environment. They foster a sense of camaraderie and create opportunities to form new friendships and meaningful connections. Working with others to achieve a common goal gives the mind something to focus on. The act of playing sports can be an excellent way to combat the mental and physical side effects of withdrawal, which take days or weeks to fully subside.

Sports also bring a sense of fun and excitement to the recovery process. Treatment is filled with challenging moments, obstacles you may not feel strong enough to face within yourself. Sports give you a chance to realize there is excitement, happiness, and positive emotion beyond drugs. When you find simple ways to enjoy life in rehab, you gain a greater perspective on recovery and all the opportunities it holds in the future.

Prescott Rehab Options

Taking the first step toward a sober lifestyle is the most difficult. Just remember there is nothing to lose in reaching out to a professional about your or a loved one’s addiction. At Silver Sands Recovery, we understand the importance of including sports as a part of our overall program.

Take the all-important first step. If you or someone you know is struggling with addiction, contact Silver Sands Recovery to speak to one of our professionals.







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