Why the Location of a Drug Rehab Center Matters

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Why the Location of a Drug Rehab Center Matters

With so many options, choosing a drug rehab center can be difficult. Along with costs, program and treatment options, and amenities, you should consider location.

Going to rehab outside of your hometown can support your recovery. Leaving your familiar surroundings will also help you develop new habits and routines for lifelong clean and sober living.

Benefits of Attending a Drug Rehab Center Away from Your Hometown

Distance From Triggers

Location is a significant factor in choosing the right rehab facility. Most importantly, a drug rehab center far from your home and old stomping grounds maintains a distance between you and the people, places, and situations that trigger a relapse. For example, you may associate your substance use with a particular bar or group of regulars.

Getting away from these associations can help you learn your triggers and develop new coping methods. After you leave rehab, it’s up to you to make smart decisions. These decisions include improving your environment, removing yourself from toxic relationships, and managing your triggers. Starting fresh at a facility away from your hometown gives you a clean slate and a new setting to learn new ways of living.

Better Resolve

During addiction treatment, it may be tempting to walk out the door and head home – and back to your old habits – if you’re feeling weak. Everyone has those moments in rehab when it feels too challenging and overwhelming. But you have to get through them to get to the other side.

Staying far away from home eliminates the temptation to give up and leave treatment. If you’re hundreds of miles from your hometown, you can’t make an impulsive decision to leave. There’s no one to come and pick you up – you have to make preparations and arrangements. You may find strength in your resolve to see the program through within that time.

Motivation to Heal

Staying in a new environment cuts ties with your old self, old life, and old ways – symbolically, at least. You can start fresh in a safe and supportive environment and prepare to take the learning, wisdom, and healing that’s offered when you leave.

A Change of Scenery

A change of scenery isn’t the primary motivator for your location, but it is a nice perk. Imagine staying at a rehab facility tucked away in the mountains, close to the beach, or on acres of tranquil farmland.

Rehab facilities like Silver Sands Recovery offer beautiful scenery and physical activities, such as golf and basketball, to enjoy time in nature and self-reflection. The natural environment around the location shouldn’t be the only consideration, but if you can heal surrounded by wide open spaces, gorgeous alpine peaks, and glistening lakes, why not take advantage?

Social Support During Rehab

Social support is vital during rehab. If you would feel too isolated hundreds or thousands of miles away from home, it may be best to seek drug rehab centers closer to home. You don’t need to stay in your hometown, but maybe staying within driving distance of your home will be beneficial for spending time with clean and sober friends and family to aid in your recovery.

Find Healing at Silver Sands Recovery, Drug Rehab Center

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