When to Help an Addict

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All weekend I spoke to young adult named Keith. Keith was on the run. He had no money, no friends, no family. Everyone turned their backs on him and now Keith was desperate for help. He was ready to come to treatment. Trying with all his might, he hid in the forest in the dead of winter to avoid the police. He scurried around trying to get warm, calling frantically to figure out a way to get on a plane to get to a place that would take care of him.

All was booked, he actually found a place, gave the insurance info and was ready to get into a treatment facility but he lost all his ID, EVERYTHING!!! All the people that have been begging him to get help, had turned their backs on him. They would not answer the phone for him when he just needed a piece of ID from home to get on a plane.

Here’s the basic thing. When an addict hits bottom and wants to get help……………………………… HELP THEM. Yup, that’s the time to act like a soldier and do everything and I mean everything it takes to get them into treatment.

So if you love an addict, ANSWER YOUR PHONE.

MAKE A DECISION AND SAY.. ” If you’re going to get help I will help you get there!!”

Guess what… Sometimes they are too frail beyond words to even get where they need to so please… think about what matters most to you. Think about the main goal and that’s to keep your loved one alive, and get them the treatment they need when they are ready.

Keith in his utter frustration of NOT being able to get on the plane today because he could not get through security, is now back on the streets. His last words to me today were, I can’t believe I FINALLY am doing exactly what my family wants and they all turned their backs on me and I can’t do it without their help, how stupid is that.

Keith… You are so right. I’m sorry for you and wish I could have helped.

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