What is Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction?

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What is Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction?

Holistic treatment for drug addiction utilizes alternative therapies to treat addiction in addition to more traditional methods. These therapies aim to improve a person’s wellbeing by targeting their mind, body, and spirit to encourage long-term commitment to recovery. Silver Sands Recovery offers personalized holistic options for helping people kick their addictions, involving various practices, such as exercise, meditation, alternative medicines, and more.

How is Holistic Treatment for Drug Addiction Helpful?

Addiction isn’t just a medical problem– the negative ramifications of addiction can affect a person’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. Because of this, addiction treatment shouldn’t solely focus on isolated elements of a person’s addictions. Instead, it should address the broader set of factors that play a role in addiction.

Thus, treating addiction not only requires medical intervention–it necessitates treatment of the entire person. Stress, exhaustion, mental illness, and poor physical health can all slow down recovery, but you can successfully overcome these obstacles with a holistic treatment plan.

What are the End Goals of Holistic Treatment for Addiction?

Challenges and obstacles are expected during rehabilitation, and dealing with the physical, mental, and spiritual causes and consequences of addiction can make the road to recovery even more difficult. Holistic treatment plans create daily practices and routines for patients to fall back onto and strengthen their resolve in the face of relapse.

At Silver Sands Recovery, our goals for our patients in holistic treatment programs are as follows:

  • Strengthen resilience in the face of potential relapse
  • Increase commitment to recovery
  • Boost outcomes of treatment
  • Understand the underlying causes of addiction
  • Promote physical, mental, and emotional wellness
  • Increase self-confidence
  • Holistic treatments give patients the tools they need to resist the temptations of drugs and alcohol

Types of Holistic Addiction Therapies

Holistic therapies for drug treatment can include any number of alternative practices, including Reiki, biofeedback, yoga, and meditation. Their goal is to treat the whole person as they progress through addiction treatment, taking into account their medical and family background and any preexisting conditions. These underlying conditions are often linked to addiction.

Holistic activities are meant to encourage long-term lifestyle changes that support addiction recovery by teaching patients how to center themselves and restore balance in their lives.

Holistic Therapy for the Body

Daily exercise has a wide variety of benefits for those in recovery, including:

  • An established routine: Cultivating a practice of daily exercise can add structure to a patient’s day. Having a daily structure is essential in the early days of recovery when the mind is susceptible to impulses to turn back to substances.
  • Positive feelings: Participating in daily exercise can boost dopamine levels, which benefits people suffering from depression and anxiety positively.
  • Boosted self-esteem: When patients commit to a physical practice, they often begin to set goals for themselves– run a mile, swim 20 laps, or paint a landscape. Achieving set goals can lead to a greater sense of self-confidence.
  • Stress relief and strength: Physical activity builds your body’s resilience and helps you process the stresses of day-to-day living. These things strengthen a patient going through rehabilitation.

Physical exercise has a variety of benefits for those in addiction recovery, which is why it remains a cornerstone of holistic treatment for drug addiction.

Holistic Therapy for the Soul

When people suffer from drug addiction, their life’s purpose, meaning, and sense of fulfillment become skewed. Holistic therapy realigns these values with mindfulness activities, like journaling, artistic expression, and other meditative practices. The fantastic thing about holistic therapy is that all activities in some way benefit the whole person: mind, body, and soul. Meditation helps center a person, as does physical exercise. While holistic therapies can be separated out into mind, body, and soul practices, they are, by nature, positive for every part of a person.

Finding a Holistic Therapy Center for Addiction Treatment

When combined with more traditional medical detoxing and counseling, holistic therapies can help improve a person’s rehabilitation stints. Therefore, Silver Sands Recovery is dedicated to providing our patients with every opportunity to better themselves and more deeply commit to recovery. Contact our compassionate team if you or someone you love could benefit from holistic treatment for a substance disorder or addiction.


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