What to Expect at Our Arizona Addiction Treatment Center

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What to Expect in an Arizona Addiction Treatment Center

About Our Arizona Addiction Treatment Center

Going to rehab can be intimidating, especially when you don’t know what to expect. Seeking help for a substance use disorder puts you in a vulnerable place. Without knowing what’s involved, it’s easy to worry about the experience and whether you’ll find a rehab that is a good fit. Let’s remove that mystery by exploring what to expect at an Arizona addiction treatment center.

Of course, not every treatment center is the same. You’ll want to look at the programs, offerings, and overall philosophy to make sure they fit your individual needs. Here’s what we offer at Silver Sands Recovery in beautiful Prescott, Arizona.

Addiction Treatment Admissions, Screening, and Interview

It all begins with contacting our friendly and compassionate team. We’ll ask a few questions about your situation any underlying conditions and verify your insurance or out-of-pocket finances.

Next, we set up an interview with you or your loved one who will be attending treatment. We’ll make sure the individual is committed to the addiction treatment process in this interview.

Safe Transportation and Family Notification

If everything checks out, we’ll get you scheduled, sort out the insurance or payment information and coordinate to get you to our center. If you’re flying in, we provide complimentary airport pickup services.

Once you or your loved one is picked up, we’ll inform designated family members of safe arrival and pickup. After that, it’s off to our center, set in the gorgeous mountains of Prescott.

Lodging and Community Component

Once you arrive, our caring, professional staff will welcome you. We’ll get you settled into a shared male or female living quarters. Since isolation often coincides with substance use habits, we break this up by putting our patients together. This helps form solidarity, build relationships and greater trust to support everyone in the program.

Individualized Treatment Plans

After you or your loved one is all settled in, we’ll work on creating a unique treatment plan just for you. We believe that since everyone has a unique background and set of circumstances, their recovery plan should reflect this. Some therapies and activities will be more suitable and helpful for certain individuals. Here’s what we offer in our treatment programs:

The Very Best Holistic Addiction Treatment

We take a holistic approach to your treatment. Holistic therapies focus on healing your mind, body, and spirit together. It may look like physical activity, nutrition guidance, or talk therapy intended to bring you inner balance and wellness. This approach differs from the more traditional, old-fashioned style of addiction recovery that places a much higher weight on talk therapy alone.

Holistic methods don’t replace the tried and true methods of conventional addiction treatment. Instead, they are an excellent complement that supports the individual in being more healthy and capable of taking on the challenge of addiction recovery.

Your Choice Of Programs

Does the solidarity and powerful witnessing aspect of a 12-step program appeal to you, or do you prefer solo therapy as a safe space to open up? Do you need to detox from drugs or alcohol before beginning long-term treatment? Do you suspect you’re dealing with an underlying mental health issue in addition to your addiction?

No matter your present situation, there is a path for you to get well. At Silver Sands Recovery, you can opt into:

Regardless of which program or combination of programs you choose, Silver Sands Recovery understands that you want to feel like a valued community member, not just a number or a patient. That’s why we ensure a lower ratio of patients to staff and smaller, more intimate programs so you can get to know the people who will be integral in your recovery.

Fun and Challenging Physical Activities

Outdoor therapy, including sports and golf, is another central component of recovery in our Arizona rehab. You can expect to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors, soaking up the beautiful scenery and fresh air.

Our clients enjoy exclusive practice with experienced golf instructors and even have the option of joining a division appropriate to their skill level. Other sports you may join include basketball and softball.

If competition isn’t your style, try hiking, golf, basketball, or other outdoor therapy to immerse your mind, body, and spirit in nature.

These therapies combine the best in parts of team-building, healthy exercise, and structure into programs that help to welcome even our most isolated guests into a strong community with their peers.

Reach Out to Our Arizona Addiction Treatment Center

We hope you’ve learned about what lies in wait at our Arizona addiction treatment center. If you have further questions, we’re more than happy to answer them. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced team is available 24/7 by phone, or you can contact us online.



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