Binge Drinking: Signs You Need Treatment at Alcohol Rehab in Prescott

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Binge Drinking: Signs You Need Treatment at Alcohol Rehab in Prescott

Signs You Need Treatment for Binge Drinking

If you or someone you care about is binge drinking, it’s vital to know the signs that there is a problem. Harmful drinking habits, including binge drinking, increased significantly during the pandemic across the United States.1 About 15% of adults in Arizona reported binge drinking.2 Additionally, the most common substance that Arizona teens in high school abuse is alcohol. Because of the growing alcohol problem in the state, the governor deemed April as Arizona Alcohol Abuse Awareness Month in 2021.2 Let’s examine binge drinking, why it leads to an alcohol use disorder, and how alcohol and drug rehab centers in Arizona can help. 

What Is Binge Drinking?

When people binge drink, it means that they frequently consume enough alcohol to raise their blood-alcohol concentration, or BAC, to .08 or higher.3 A binge is usually measured in the number of drinks consumed in a two-hour span for adults. It is about four drinks for an average female or five drinks for an average male.3 However, it may take three to five drinks for average adolescents or teens to reach a BAC of .08 in two hours.

Is Alcohol Addiction Different?

Addiction and binging are not the same thing. However, someone who binge drinks may develop an alcohol addiction. A person addicted to alcohol often drinks continually to achieve a buzz or avoid withdrawal symptoms. According to the CDC, most people who drink heavily are not dependent on alcohol.4 Addiction usually develops when a person becomes dependent and suffers withdrawal if they stop drinking. Also, addiction is a brain disease.5 It happens when a person cannot stop drinking despite knowing the consequences of the addiction. People who are addicted have physical brain changes visible on imaging scans.6

Signs of Binge Drinking

A person who binges alcohol may not display every potential sign. However, there are several common signs that a person binge drinks.7 These are some signs to watch for:

  • Drinking more than planned.
  • Starting drinking early in the day.
  • Feeling or acting defensively when confronted about drinking.
  • Feeling a strong urge to binge drink more often.

When a person binge drinks, it can lead to more severe problems.7 Tolerance and dependence can form, and addiction can develop. These are some serious signs that it is time to consider alcohol in rehab Prescott:

  • Being unable to stop drinking.
  • Needing more alcohol to feel the same effects.
  • Feeling sick, shaky, or weak after going without a drink for a prolonged period.
  • Withdrawing from social activities to drink.
  • Having blackouts from excessive drinking.
  • New legal or financial troubles.
  • Behaving in more dangerous ways and taking part in high-risk activities while drinking.

You can contact a treatment facility for advice on how to help someone you know who may be binge drinking. If you notice these signs in yourself, it is essential to seek help. Many people want to turn to a doctor or a counselor before contacting a treatment facility, and that is ok. However, the staff at treatment facilities can also be helpful and offer solutions. They can answer questions about insurance, treatment programs, expectations, and much more.

Get Treatment for Drinking Problems at an Alcohol Rehab in Prescott 

At Silver Sands Recovery, we help people find the comprehensive treatment they need. In addition to offering referrals for the first step of treatment, we offer a variety of helpful treatments. Our methods are tested, proven, and effective for many people. We focus on helping people discover the reasons for their alcohol misuse and how to develop healthier habits. Also, we help people learn how to cope with triggers and overcome difficult situations. These are some treatments we offer:

  • Holistic addiction treatment encompasses mind, body, and spirit for improved overall wellness and better results.
  • 12-step rehab introduces people to 12-step meetings, which are vital for ongoing recovery.
  • Dual diagnosis treatment addresses addiction and any underlying mental health issue since unmet mental health needs often lead to addiction.

We offer outdoor therapy with several fun sports and other activities. There is also extended care treatment for people who need more prolonged treatment plans.

Alcohol Rehab Prescott: How To Reach Out for Help

The first step is to reach out to our compassionate team at Silver Sands Recovery in Prescott. We’re here to help you or your loved one learn how to break the alcohol addiction cycle and start a recovery journey. Please contact us to learn more about our alcohol rehab center in Prescott.



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