What Happens After Detox in a Prescott Rehab?

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What Happens After Detox in a Prescott Rehab?

What Happens After Detox in a Prescott Rehab

Before you take the first step, getting clean for good can seem like a scary process. For most people, their worries center around the detox process. Will it hurt? Will I miss work? How uncomfortable will it be? And then, somewhere around the midpoint of detox, many patients begin to wonder… What happens after I finish detoxing? If you’re an Arizona patient in a detox facility and you need to know what happens after detox in a Phoenix rehab, Silver Sands Recovery is here to help you make the transition.

So, What Happens After Detox in a Prescott Rehab Facility?

It’s important to understand that, while detox is often the most dreaded aspect of recovery, it is only the first step. Now that you’re finishing that first step, you’re ready to address some important things that will keep you clean and out of rehab for good.

Everyone’s recovery path is a little bit different, but yours may include things like the following:

  • Joining individual or group therapy
  • Engaging in health and wellness activities for a healthy mind and body
  • Learning how to navigate life’s ups and downs without falling into old habits

Sound overwhelming? Don’t worry. You don’t have to (and shouldn’t) go through this process alone.

Once you’ve completed your detox facility’s program and you’re cleared to be discharged, your best bet will be to seek out ongoing recovery treatment. That’s where Silver Sands Recovery treatment program comes in.

What is Involved in Silver Sands Recovery’s Program?

Silver Sands Recovery is dedicated to your long-term sobriety. This isn’t a quick fix program where you’ll soon be back at home in your old environment with the old mindset that allowed you to fall into addiction in the first place.

Our admissions experts can help you choose the appropriate program for your situation. We offer treatment options for drugs and alcohol addiction as well as an opiate recovery program and dual diagnosis.

Using holistic treatment methods that include sports, golf, and nature hiking alongside psychotherapy, we aim to help you heal from the inside out. We are also 12-step based which encourages you to develop skill sets that will aid you in every area of life and our dual-diagnosis clinical team treats the whole person and addresses past trauma as well.

What if I’m Nervous About Returning to Work and “Normal Life” After Detox?

The thought of falling back into your old – often unhealthy – environment and set of circumstances that led you down the path of addiction might fill you with dread. After all, you’ve just put in so much work to conquer your addiction; you don’t ever want to set yourself up for relapse by returning to your old way of life.

To help you with this transition to the “real world” after detox, we offer a clean living program and a return to work program, both of which equip you with the skills you’ll need to cope with stressors and to rearrange your environment into one that will support your ongoing sobriety.

How Do I Get Started at Silver Sands Recovery?

If you think ongoing treatment at a Prescott rehab facility is the right way forward for you after detox, contact Silver Sands today. You can also fill out our online contact form to have one of our admissions counselors contact you confidentially.

Set yourself up for success by allowing us to help you through the most important transition period in your recovery process.





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