The Importance of Family in Addiction Treatment Prescott

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The Importance of Family in Addiction Treatment Prescott

To many, family is the most important thing in life, and you can only feel at peace when you know everyone you care for is happy, healthy, safe, and sound! For this reason, you will often find that drug and alcohol abuse impacts more than just a single person. Negative emotions, such as abandonment, worry, and fear, can be created within a family and begin to damage the dynamic and the relationships inside and outside of the home.[1] For this reason, we know a strong recovery is possible if the family is given the opportunity to heal and is involved in the recovery process. Silver Sands Recovery provides this chance with a family-style approach to addiction treatment in Prescott!

Who’s At Risk for Addiction?

Substance abuse can be found in most age groups, ranging from children younger than 11, all the way through adulthood. [2] Even so, certain factors could cause an individual to become more at risk for developing an addiction, such as: [3]

  • Trouble at either home, school, and/or work
  • Struggling to make friends
  • Mental health problems
  • Surrounding yourself with other people who use drugs
  • Using drugs at a young age [2,3]
  • Biology

Someone who develops an addiction to drugs and/or alcohol is usually looking to experience a different version of themself, instead of their usual day-to-day. Substance abuse can also be a way to mask any unwanted emotions and thoughts. Other reasons an individual may turn to drugs or alcohol include: [3]

  • Wanting to feel good
  • Wanting to escape
  • Thinking they can perform better at school
  • Hoping they can be more efficient at work
  • A curiosity of the experience

No matter what the initial reason is, it can be extremely hard to quit both drugs and alcohol on your own, and finding a continuous support system is crucial!

A Family’s Role During Addiction Treatment Prescott

Although research for long-term sobriety has a long way to go, receiving the support of loved ones during and after treatment has been a reoccurring element. [4] After receiving professional treatment and taking advantage of informal recovery resources, such as AA, narcotics anonymous, and other 12 step groups, there’s a powerful realization that there is something to lose, such as family and friends. Though difficult, this is a beautiful reinforcement for continued sobriety. 

Addiction Treatment Prescott Process at Silver Sands Recovery

Many factors go into finding success with sobriety, and no two stories will be the same. Each journey to sobriety contains its own victories, struggles, and triumphs and can still present hardships, even after years. But with the right support and tools, it can undoubtedly be achieved! 

Silver Sands Recovery strives to give each one of our guests the resources to not only find sobriety on a short term basis but to maintain it for a lifetime. 

At our center, we offer a variety of programs and will work with you to create a specialized plan that fits your individual needs and one that gives you the best possible chance for success. Our programs include:

We believe that balance during treatment is vital and will give you a proper chance to grow. That’s why we also offer opportunities for sports, part-time work, school, and exercise in addition to treatment. 

Contacting Silver Sands Recovery

At Silver Sands Recovery, we understand that the support you receive from your family may make sense and even help your recovery long term.  That’s why we focus our treatment process on your individual growth, and because every healing process is different, we offer this in multiple ways, including through FaceTime, Skype, and even in-person sessions. 

Through your journey, you’ll have support from the Silver Sands Recovery team, with open communication along the way. If you’re interested in hearing more about our programs and how we pursue a family-style approach to addiction treatment, please contact us today. We look forward to hearing from you!









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