The Benefits of Holistic Treatment at a Prescott Recovery Center

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The Benefits of Holistic Treatment at a Prescott Recovery Center

The Benefits of Holistic Treatment at a Prescott Recovery Center

The benefits of holistic treatment go beyond your physical addiction. At Silver Sands, Prescott Recovery Center, we want to help you be successful in every aspect of your recovery. Holistic treatment not only restores the body; it also heals your mind and soul. When you are struggling with addiction, you know that it is more than just the physical dependency that prevents you from recovering; addiction affects all parts of life.

Benefits of Holistic Treatment

Treating physical symptoms while overlooking the need to heal the mind and soul makes it easier to relapse. By treating the whole person, you are able to heal all of the parts of your life that were damaged by addiction.

Anyone struggling with addiction is aware that addiction touches all facets of your life. We believe that you cannot fully heal and recover from addiction without addressing not just your physical health, but your mental health as well. Even if you are no longer physically dependent on a substance, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have recovered and healed.

Types of Holistic Treatment

Holistic treatment goes further than traditional addiction treatment. Instead, holistic treatment focuses on creating a clean lifestyle that includes detoxing, psychotherapy, clean eating, and healthy living. Holistic treatment focuses on mindfulness and being present in the moment.


Therapy helps you heal from any trauma that could be making recovery difficult. Silver Sands offers psychotherapy to help you work through any issues you may be having. We also offer equine therapy [1], which helps people improve their communication skills, self-esteem, and overall mental health.

Healthy Lifestyle Choices

Holistic treatment also includes learning how to maintain a healthy lifestyle, which includes cultivating positive hobbies, exercising regularly, and practicing mindfulness. Learning how to meditate [2] has shown to help with not only recovery but also with the health of your brain.

Healthy hobbies help you avoid two things that make recovery extremely difficult – negative thought processes and boredom. Positive hobbies include:


Creative arts improve your mental health and wellbeing. [3]


Writing, even if it is just a simple journal, can help you process your emotions and express yourself creatively.

Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities like hiking not only help with your physical health but also your mood and outlook. [4]


A healthy diet is an important part of holistic recovery. Having cooking as a hobby encourages you to make clean eating a fun activity.

Physical Activity

Group exercise, sports, and other team activities create an environment of positive socialization, and they are a great way to ensure you are able to have beneficial social interactions after you leave the recovery center. Options are also available for people who want a more relaxing option, such as yoga, which has been proven to help with the symptoms of depression and anxiety. [5]

Sometimes addiction causes people to isolate themselves. Sometimes people need to completely rebuild their social network after recovery so that they can surround themselves with other healthy individuals. Sports and other group and team activities give you a skill that you can use not only to stay in shape and keep your body healthy, they also provide you with an important social outlet.

Why Choose Silver Sands Prescott Recovery Center

We care about the people we treat. And we understand that each person’s addiction and life story is unique. We create a tailored treatment plan that is specific to you and your needs. We know that no two people will recover in the same way, and our main goal is the success of each and every person we help.

Silver Sands Recovery doesn’t operate like other drug & alcohol rehab centers that feel clinical and unwelcoming. We focus on encouraging healthy lifestyle choices, like positive socialization, clean eating, physical activity, and cultivating new hobbies.

We also know how important creating a new, achievable routine is both during and after recovery. We’ll help you create the best day-to-day routine for you and your new lifestyle so that you are able to maintain your new skills and habits even after you leave our center.

If you are an athlete who is concerned about recovery affecting your sports career, don’t be afraid to make your health a priority. We even have an exclusive Sports & Golf Division for athletes who need to continue their training while in recovery.

Contact the Silver Sands Prescott Recovery Center Today

Silver Sands, Prescott Recovery Center is committed to helping people recover from addiction in all areas of life: mind, body, and soul. We care about every person who comes through our doors. And truly believe that the benefits of holistic treatment can be used throughout the whole of a person’s life. If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction, contact Silver Sands Recovery today to see how we can help.




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