Extended Addiction Treatment Benefits

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Extended Addiction Treatment Benefits

Extended Addiction Treatment Benefits

If you’ve ever seen the Sandra Bullock ’90s hit movie 28 days, then you’ve no doubt been under the impression that treatment for any addiction is possible in that time-frame. But, can you overcome an ingrained dependence on a substance in only a month? A few can, but for many people, extended addiction treatment benefits them far more.

Treatment that lasts for more than 30 days is considered an extended program and may have better results than shorter treatment periods.[1] For those who are chronic relapsers, treatment of 3 months might be recommended.

Why Longer Treatment Works

As with most things in life, good things don’t often happen overnight. A program that enables you to stay clean and sober may last longer than a one month stay. Recovery is a long process.

Long-term treatment sometimes involves an inpatient stay for a month or longer, combined with outpatient treatment afterward. Outpatient treatment consists of single and group therapy sessions, the use of some medications, meditation and yoga, and commitment to programs like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA).

Many people assume that rehab only consists of an inpatient stay. But, even though recovery may begin in an inpatient setting, extended outpatient treatment and therapies can be extremely beneficial to long-term sobriety.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why treatment for longer than 30 days has been proven so effective.

Continued Support

After a person has gone through physical withdrawal from drugs, alcohol, or both, they must then face their regular life without these substances. Many find it difficult to adjust to a life without their coping mechanisms. With continued support through group and single therapy sessions, patients can adapt to the real world without their drug of choice. 

Dr. Mark Willenbring, a professional who was the director of treatment and recovery research at the National Institute for Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, likens chronic addiction treatment to that of a chronic illness. Patients are not treated for cancer for 4-weeks and then sent on their way, and neither should those seeking help for addiction.[3]

Ramped Up Help During Times of Stress

Extreme stress and challenges in life can lead someone in recovery right back to substance abuse. Without the care and resources needed to help them cope, they will end up right where they started. Alcohol and drug addiction has a powerful effect on the brain. During times of strife, the mind will go right back to wanting the drug that delivered the desired chemical response in the past.[2] With extended care via therapy, group programs, and releasing physical stress through exercise, meditation, and yoga, a person can continue to turn to new ways to deal with the need for this chemical response. Having a support system and finding these physical outlets are vital to lasting recovery.

Long-Term Follow-Up and Medication Adjustment

Continued treatment also allows for plan adjustments and alterations to medications as needed. Medicine is often vital for those who are in recovery. Keeping up with the correct dosage ensures the success of this aspect of their treatment program.[3] 

Extended Addiction Treatment Benefits Patients More than Shorter Treatments

Many people want a quick fix so they can get back to their regularly scheduled lives. However, it’s clear from evidence and data that long term is most effective.[4] In order to find lasting success, those who genuinely want to be free from dependence can discover this through continued, long-term care.

If you are facing a chronic dependence on alcohol or drugs, you can find freedom and regain the life you crave by seeking extended treatment through Silver Sands Recovery. At Silver Sands, you’ll receive the care you need in a judgment-free zone for lifelong sobriety. Combined treatment methods offer a unique program that meets your needs. Using 12-step programs, holistic care, individual and group therapy will help give you the best chance for attaining long term sobriety.  

If you’re looking for extended treatment so you can live a healthy and sober life, contact Silver Sands Recovery today.



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