Exploring The Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

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Exploring The Warning Signs Of Alcoholism

Sometimes, the signs of alcoholism aren’t as noticeable as you might think. The person who is drinking can often begin to hide their actions each day, not letting anyone else know about the amount of alcohol consumed or the amount of money that is spent on the beverage. There are a few signs that you can pay attention to if you suspect that someone you know is addicted to alcohol so that the person can get the help needed from an Arizona alcohol rehab facility.

Legal Issues of Alcoholism

When someone drinks on a regular basis, it can often lead to tickets for drinking while driving and other charges because the person is drunk while in public. Sometimes, the person might commit a crime at home against another person or while away from home against another person, leading to an arrest. This is often one of the first signs of alcoholism that you will notice, especially if the person has never been in legal trouble before.

Alcoholism and It’s Effect on Relationships 

Alcoholism will begin to impact almost every relationship that the person has whether it’s with a partner or with children. The person might begin to get angry, especially when someone else continues to ask questions about any drinking activity. If the person has children, then the children might get neglected because of spending more time drinking. Verbal abuse could occur as a result of alcoholism along with lying and belittling other people.

New Friendships from Excessive Drinking

Pay attention to the friends the person has as alcoholism can often result in new people being around. People who drink a lot tend to do it together. They might gather at someone’s home or go to a local bar to drink. After going to an Arizona alcohol rehab facility, new friendships can be formed that are positive in nature instead of those that continue to encourage drinking.

Tolerance Level When Drinking

If the person you suspect of being an alcoholic has to drink several beverages in order to feel even a slight buzz, then it’s a good sign that the tolerance level has increased. This means that the person has been drinking for some time and that a small amount of alcohol that many people would usually drink to obtain a relaxed feeling won’t do anything to the person who has been drinking for an extended time.

Change in Physical Looks from Alcoholism

Drinking often results in staying up late at night or sleeping for longer periods of time. One of the signs of alcoholism is that the person has red eyes because of a lack of sleep or too much sleep. Another physical sign that you want to pay attention to is a lack of interest in personal hygiene. There could be a noticeable weight gain because of the large amount of alcohol consumed.

Guilt from Drinking

Sometimes, the person will feel guilty about drinking. The person knows that it’s wrong, but they don’t know how to stop. This is where an Arizona alcohol rehab facility can be beneficial. Counselors and medical professionals can speak with the person about the reasons behind drinking and healthy ways to deal with those issues.

If you’re concerned that someone you love and care about is an alcoholic or if you believe that you are an alcoholic, then contact a professional at Silver Sands Recovery today to speak with someone who can offer assistance.

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