Arizona Overdose Stats & the Need for Heroin Rehab

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Arizona Overdose Stats & the Need for Heroin Rehab

It’s no secret that opioids like heroin have become one of the greatest threats to the well-being of the United States population. In 2017, about 1.7 million people suffered from an opioid addiction, with 500,000 people in the US using heroin alone – and the number continues to grow each year.

Arizona in particular has an opioid and heroin problem, with about 10,000 overdoses happening per year as of 2017, leading to 344 people dying in 2017 from heroin and 949 dying from opioid overdose overall. It is also damaging the local economy, with more than 51,000 hospital visits occurring in 2017 at a cost of $431 million for opioid-related medical emergencies.

While they can be incredibly helpful for those who suffer from chronic pain, opioids are something that needs to be taken seriously by all parties in order for them to be used safely. Responsible use comes from knowledge and understanding. This begins with looking at Arizona overdose stats to examine just how dangerous heroin abuse can be – and why you should seek heroin rehab as soon as possible.

Why is Heroin Overdose So Common?

You may be wondering why heroin and other opioids lead to so many deaths – especially when some opioids can be prescribed by a doctor. The answer is that heroin is one of the most addictive drugs you can take, with approximately 25% of people who take it getting addicted – with almost 80% of users starting with prescription opioids. This addiction happens so quickly because the opioids flood the brain with dopamine, providing a warm and happy feeling that instills a euphoric state your brain and body fall in love with. After a few weeks of taking them, your body slows its own dopamine production to accommodate for the drug so that once the prescription runs out, withdrawal kicks in. These symptoms are incredibly uncomfortable, leading people who are addicted to seek out heroin – the most available opioid on the streets.

Sadly, the danger doesn’t stop at withdrawals. When finding and taking opioids that aren’t medically prescribed, it can be nearly impossible to tell exactly what you are taking. There are a variety of opioids available (heroin, morphine, fentanyl, and more) that each has a specific recommended dosage for safe use. If you’re expecting to take heroin but end up dosing the same amount of fentanyl, you’ll effectively take more than 100 times the dose you were planning to. With 30 milligrams of heroin and 3 milligrams of fentanyl being potentially fatal, it becomes incredibly easy to overdose if you take the wrong one. Once you’ve taken too much, it can begin to slow your nervous system, potentially stopping your breathing or heart rate and resulting in death.

Don’t Become Another Number – Get Help Today

At Silver Sands Recovery, our heroin rehab works to not only help you through the physical side of quitting heroin but also get to the root of the problem. Through our holistic healing approach, we address your mental, physical, and spiritual needs to make the recovery process easier as you graduate to living sober. This may include pharmacotherapy for physical symptoms of withdrawal, cognitive behavioral therapy to address the underlying cause of your addiction, and the 12 Steps to help get you in the right state of mind to address your addiction.

If you or someone you know are struggling with heroin and opioid overdose in Arizona, there’s no better time than now to get clean. Understanding the danger of Arizona overdose stats can help you make the right choice. More than 1,000 people are expected to die from opioid overdose this year in Arizona alone, and everyday your addiction keeps a hold on you, you risk being one of those 1,000.

Give us a call today – it could just save your life.

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