• 5 star rating  A year ago at this holiday time, I was distraught about my son's opiate addiction and frightened for his very life. Today my son has almost a year of sobriety,... read more

    JNC Avatar JNC

    5 star rating  Silver Sands Recovery is an amazing drug rehab. They really care about you and the staff are incredibly supportive. If you need a place for treatment go there!!

    Francine Dygulski Avatar Francine Dygulski
  • 5 star rating  One of the best addiction treatment centers in Prescott AZ. I was very happy to see how they treated my cousin who has been sober now for 9 months.

    Barry Goberty Avatar Barry Goberty

    5 star rating  The staff was great and knowledgeable. I highly recommend this Prescott rehab facility to anyone struggling with addiction.

    Brandon Ludlow Avatar Brandon Ludlow
  • 5 star rating  Silver Sands Recovery is the best drug and alcohol treatment I have ever seen and been to. Everyone there is exceptional and really cares!

    Steven Nolan Avatar Steven Nolan

    5 star rating  Silver Sands is run by some great people. I have personally known Brian, one of the owners, for years and he's a stand up guy with a great reputation in... read more

    Bobby Dixon Avatar Bobby Dixon
  • 5 star rating  My friend Brian is a warrior who has fought and is winning the game of life and now is trying to help others. Hats off to you my friend

    Jerome Parker Avatar Jerome Parker

    5 star rating  Really love the ppl that work there it’s a family setting and good place to get recovery they also work with the addicts that are still suffering and getting them... read more

    Latisha Bennett Avatar Latisha Bennett