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Dental Departures

Dental Departures

It's no longer a secret that the price of dental care in the U.S. is unbearable, and there are even limits to what dental insurance covers, which implies that more than half of the cost for dental procedures get paid out of pocket. The yearly insurance limit is around $1,500, and it's ineffective when you get into serious treatments. Specific procedures, such as cosmetics, aren't covered at all, and a standard Medicare doesn't cover dental issues.

All this implies that an average person would find it difficult to afford the cost of dental care. Those with critical dental issues might likely get into debt if they attempt such dental care within the country. It has left many Westerners with the option of seeking dental care abroad.

Seeking dental departures in Costa Rica has been many Americans' move lately. Visiting our Clinic in Costa Rica for dental treatment will provide you the opportunity to enjoy world-class dental care in a country hugely abundant in history. At Dr. Bernal Soto Arce, you would experience significant savings up to 70% compared with your home dentist coupled with quality expertise service.

What Is Dental Vacation?

Many persons are still unfamiliar with what a dental vacation means. Well, dental vacation is the visiting of a country that is different from your country of residence for dental care. Patients tend to opt for this form of vacation majorly to save costs. Since the standard of living in such a country is cheaper, the price of dental procedures is affordable as well.

Costa Rica is renowned as one of the countries harboring some of the best dental clinics abroad. The country's diverse terrain of jungles, coral reefs, mountains, volcanoes, hot springs, and beaches are packed with an exceptional abundance of plant and animal species, making this tropical paradise a delightful one to visit for dental care.

How Many Americans Travel Abroad for Dental Work?

Regardless of how insurance coverage for medical conditions and prescriptions is on the rise, dental coverage still lags far behind. Annually, over $115 billion is spent on dental care, and almost 45% of that is expenses made out-of-pocket because dental insurance coverage is limited to certain areas. It implies that Americans spend over $50 billion a year on dental services.

A recent study shows that over 750,000 persons seek health care outside the U.S., and that figure is expected to keep increasing at a rate of about 25% yearly through 2020. Initially, health care services overseas were basically addressing rising medical costs, but dental departures are now catching up with medical care. Factors amounting to this are;

  • Lack of satisfactory dental coverage with dental insurance,
  • The skyrocketing cost of dental services, and
  • Availability of affordable options outside the U.S.

How Much Is Dental Work In Costa Rica?

As a result of the spiraling dental care cost presently suffered by many U.S. patients, they are attracted by the affordability of Costa Rica dental clinics. Savings for all treatments range from 40-70% over prices in the west. A detailed comparison of how affordable a trip to Costa Rica can be is shown below:

  • The average cost of a dental crown in the U.S.: $1,500; at s dentist clinic in Costa Rica: $450
  • The average cost of post, root canal, and crown in the U.S.: $2,500; at a dentist in Costa Rica in Costa Rica: $850
  • The average cost of dental crown and implant in the U.S.: $4,200; at a dentist in Costa Rica: $1,700

It doesn't get any better than this! You can enjoy such incredible, significant savings on your dental departure in Costa Rica at Dr. Bernal Soto Arce, regardless of what your dental issues look like.

We have proven that quality dental services are available to U.S. citizens at a significant cost saving range, and we'll prove it to you! Call our number or book online for your quality-checked dentist in Cost Rica.

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