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You have to consider many contributive factors when you prefer daycare for your medically complex child. This reality is doubly true, in comparison to the parent considering finding regular childcare. You may have prior knowledge that a specialized facility like Pedikidz of Florida will offer superior services. Such daycares are more like a developmental school than a play and learn area.

The focus of PPEC services is to equip the child with skills that help them adjust to the natural world with ease. The aim goes beyond essential play and academics because of the inclusion of various tools and knowledge. Enrolling your child to receive PPEC services will avail the following three major programs, which are part of a bigger holistic daycare.

Behavioral therapy

Parenting a child with a condition such as ADHD or autism is challenging when you do not have a backing. These children develop differently and will vary from another child with the same situation. A daycare with special services instills the right knowledge to adjust the child’s behavior. Behavioral therapy will often include the following basic standards:

  • Structure and consistent rules to train the child’s responses
  • Specific raise from the daycare’s professionals. The attention will motivate good behavior and soften the harmful bits.
  • Application of the right commands and directions to provide additional know-how in handling special new social events
  • Consistency in disciplinary strategies that seek to keep the child safe, joyful and peaceful

Physical therapy

Children with physical limitations are still children at the core. They need opportunities to exercise their playfulness and curiosity. They also need structures to improve their physical wellbeing.

PPEC services have recreational services and specific physical activities that encourage the child to break out of their limitation with smoothness and ease. You can expect the following basic standards while working with Pedikidz of Florida:

  • Provision of tools that improve grasping, releasing, holding and carrying abilities
  • Provision of age-appropriate tools to nurture the child’s physical skills according to the stage of their mental. A dinosaur with rough material is better for an older child than a two-year-old
  • Availability of materials that sensitize different stimuli. Different textures will improve the sense of touch while different weights will train the child’s physical strength and mental preparedness.

Speech therapy

Children who engage in plenty of conversations with their caregivers will pick up words faster than a child who spends more time with the TV. Studies show that parents spend the majority of their time at home catering to house chores.

This case is valid even when they planned to quit their job for the sole purpose of taking care of the baby. A daycare is different because the staff has nothing else to do but interact with the child. A speech therapy program will improve delays in your child and ease a speech impairment condition in the following ways:

  • An established pattern of receiving and sending communication more frequently to expand the child’s learning abilities and conversation flow.
  • Proactive engagement from the moment they enter the facility. A competent caregiver will make the child adjust to the preferable communication pattern, instead of leaving them alone for extended periods.


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