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Most Successful Rehab Programs

Arizona Addiction is a public resource that exists, in part, to connect individuals with the most successful rehab programs. When you call Arizona Addiction, our first task is to take a brief assessment of your current situation. We want to know a bit about you, your addiction, and some other pertinent information that will help us to connect you to the rehab programs that are best suited for your needs and circumstances. Following our brief assessment, we'll then go over your options with you, detailing any potential pros and cons associated with each, and taking as much time as needed to answer all of your questions to satisfaction.

How Do I Find the Most Successful Rehab Programs in Arizona?

When an individual calls Arizona Addiction, our goal is to offer and connect them with the best rehab programs in the state. We'll consider a number of factors that will help us to determine which rehab programs are best for them - factors including their:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Religious preferences
  • Substance(s) of choice
  • Insurance
  • Income
  • Length of substance abuse career
  • Severity of addiction
  • Treatment preferences
  • and more!

There is a slew of successful rehab programs to choose from in AZ. The key is in getting as much information from you as possible, so please, understand that our operators are not trying to be pushy or invasive by asking you personal questions. We want to help you find the best treatment that could potentially save your life and help you break the cycle of addiction once and for all. Further, all of the information that you share with us stays with us. We will not sell or share your personal information - ever!

Arizona Addiction Will Identify Your Specific Needs 

To describe our services in a single word: customized. We customize treatment options and find the best resources for each client based on the information that they give us. For example, if a person is an introvert, germophobe, and afraid of new social settings, then a private rehab might be best for them.

Conversely, if a person doesn't like a lot of stress or expectations to be placed on them at once, then we can recommend a successful drug rehab program that allows its patients to recover at their own pace. Still, if a person calls us looking for help, and they have no job, no income, or no insurance, then there are free and low-cost rehab programs in Arizona that would be ideal for them.

To elaborate on this point further; if we get a call from a person who has severe addiction problems but can't take time away from home or week, then we can recommend them to the best outpatient/ IOP rehabs. If a person lives in a rural area, has no transportation, and can't take time away from his or her family or work, then online rehab programs might be ideal for them.

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