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Is laser hair reduction permanent?

Laser hair removal relies on light energy to destroy the hair follicles in a target area. Although the procedure offers permanent results, in some cases, individuals may experience some hair regrowth in the targeted area. Either way, even the hair that regrows will be much lighter and unnoticeable. The laser treatment will destroy or damage most hair follicles and reduce the appearance of hair in the target area.  

It may be impossible to destroy every single hair follicle in one treatment session. However, it may be possible over several laser treatment sessions. Individuals with a lighter complexion or dark-colored hair derive the best results within a couple of treatments. We offer the best hair removal treatments using the most effective lasers in KC by targetting the hair follicles precisely.

Advantages of laser hair removal

Laser hair removal is a safe and least invasive method to remove unwanted hair from the body, face, hands, legs, etc. Some of the pros of laser hair removal include:

  • Precision - Our technicians can accurately target the coarse, stubborn, and dark hair follicles and destroy them without any side-effects or damage to the surrounding skin.
  • Speed - It is the fastest method to remove unwanted body and facial hair. Laser pulse destroys hair follicles within a fraction of second, and it takes less than a minute to destroy hair follicles in areas like the upper lip, eyebrows, cheeks, chin, etc.
  • Results - You can attain the best treatment results within 5-6 treatment sessions. It is the most cost-effective approach to hair removal.               

We offer the most rewarding hair removal treatment in KC using the latest technology and a team of highly qualified technicians. Limit your time in the sun before the intervention to make the most out of treatment and avoid post-complications.

Preparing for a laser hair removal procedure

Once you have a date side aside for the procedure, make sure to avoid direct exposure to the sun for at least six weeks before treatment. Avoid the application of any skin creams in the weeks preceding treatment. If you had a recent suntan or generally have darker skin, your doctor may prescribe a skin bleaching cream to help you achieve the best results.

Besides, be sure not to undergo salon treatments like waxing or electrolysis for at least four weeks before treatment. Consult with a specialist before taking any new medications or if you are already on blood-thinning medications. Your doctor or technician will use a topical numbing medicine on the treatment site at least 20 minutes before the procedure. This will numb the treatment area to any stinging sensation during the procedure.

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