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IOP San Diego

If you or someone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are several forms of treatment programs available which can offer specific levels of therapy, depending on the seriousness and length of the addiction. At Sober Life, our Intensive Outpatient Program, or IOP in San Diego, has provided thousands of addicts the proper course of treatment for their level of addiction. If you are losing control of your life because you no longer know how to live in a sober state of being, this may be your best chance for a successful and lasting recovery.

What We Do

Sober Life is an outpatient drug and alcohol treatment center that provides specifically designed levels of alcohol and drug treatment programs, such as our IOP in San Diego. With a highly trained and fully experienced staff of medical providers, we have made great strides within the field of addiction recovery, and have developed the latest and most innovative forms of therapy and treatment programs.

Our highest and most intensive treatment methods are provided to those who join us in our IOP in San Diego. This highly successful treatment is created to assist those who have just completed a detox program and are now ready for therapy and counseling sessions to continue through their recovery. This program usually lasts between four and six weeks, and the patient will receive several hours of daily therapy and counseling sessions for up to five days a week.

The Benefits of an IOP

An Intensive Outpatient Program provides the same level of treatment as compared to an inpatient program but offers more flexibility to the patient during their recovery. Many people can’t take months out of their lives to stay within a residential rehab program, which is why we have developed the best form of treatment for those who have outside obligations, such as work, school and family matters they must attend to. Sober Life allows you to maintain your daily routines by enabling you to complete your therapy while we work around your schedule.

Another added benefit that an IOP offers is the fact that your health insurance is more likely willing to cover some or all of the cost of an outpatient program, compared to an inpatient facility. We can assist you in finding out whether your insurance carrier will pay for your treatment, and how much of the cost will be left up to you. If your health insurance provider is going to pay for even part of your treatment, this will allow you to manage your out-of-pocket expenses more easily.

Thinking about a sober life and gathering information regarding your situation is the very first step on your journey to a lasting and successful recovery. At Sober Life, our primary objective is in offering treatment to those who can no longer live with their addictions. We strive to ensure that we go above and beyond with the hope that everyone who desires a new and sober life can achieve that through us.

IOP San Diego
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