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“It’s not just about getting sober, it’s about staying sober.”



Heroin Addict, from New Jersey, 23 years old. Sober.

It’s been a long road here. I lived in a suburban upper middle class town in New Jersey and started doing drugs before the age of 16. From the age of 16-18 I lived at home creating chaos and turning everyone’s lives upside down. No one knew what was happening, not even me until I went to of all places Disney in Florida with my family. I started withdrawing while on a family vacation from oxycontin. It was a nightmare for me and all around me. From the age of 18-21 I went to drug rehabs in Florida 12 different times, and I relapsed all 12 times. I finally got sober when I went to treatment away from it all…. Prescott, Arizona. It was a game changer. I won’t say this was easy because it wasn’t, but what did make a difference was the place, the people, the meetings, and the time I was allowed to stay there. Today I am sober, happy, I have a job and I am a enrolling in college. I work the program every day, go to meetings, and surround myself with people that work the program too. If you ask anyone that knew me from the age of 16-21 years old, they would not believe this transformation. I was, even by my own admission at the time, a hopeless case…. but today I am here to tell you to never give up hope. If I can do this, so can you.

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