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If this is your first time seeking help or you’ve tried other rehabs and relapsed, then change what you are doing and go to where you have a better chance of long term sobriety. We are located in a small town with a large sober community, surrounded by mountains and clean air. Silver Sands Recovery and our highly trained team is here.


Heroin Addict, 29 years old. Sober.

Relapsing over and over again was my pattern. I went to rehab, came home, and almost immediately relapsed every time. Thirty days in a rehab was not enough time for me. I tried sober living homes right afterwards, but it was not structured like a rehab. I had too much freedom too soon. Getting away and having time gave me the chance I needed to make it.

Silver Sands Recovery Medical Director, Dr. Luciani, a member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry said, “I consider myself an advocate for those suffering from the chronic, relapsing disease of Substance Use Disorder; a disease mostly misunderstood as a pure behavioral problem when in fact it is a disease of disrupted brain chemistry. Patients need the compassion, respect and treatment due anyone with a chronic disease. I am dedicated to this cause.”

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