Drug rehab Tucson AZ

Silver Sands Recovery has helped thousands of individuals break free from substance abuse disorder using a holistic and natural treatment approach. Our drug rehab in Tucson, AZ, focuses on identifying the underlying causes of addiction, strengthening our clients’ resistance to cravings, promoting their physical fitness, and reducing the appeal of drug and alcohol use.

Is The 12-Step Model Effective In Recovery?

While the 12-step model takes a religious approach to help addicts find their path to sobriety, it has helped thousands of drug and alcohol users get clean. Several non-religious users have found the 12-step program beneficial in their recovery journey.

The 12-step program as a stand-alone treatment may not yield the desired results. However, participating in 12-step programs alongside medical detox, counseling, and holistic therapies can help you achieve sobriety and equip you with the right tools to maintain it in the long term. Make sure to join a rehab that offers a full spectrum of care for a speedy and successful recovery from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.

Do I Need Professional Addiction Treatment?

If your addiction situation causes you to face issues at work, school, or relationships, or you experience withdrawal symptoms whenever you attempt to quit drugs, you need professional addiction treatment. Besides, you do not have to wait for your addiction disorder to worsen to seek professional help.

Seeking help in the early stages of your substance abuse disorder can reduce your risk for several health complications and help you regain control over your mind, body, and soul much faster. Professional treatment can also help you address your mental health issues and attain improved mental wellness and emotional stability.

What Does A Typical Day In Rehab Encompass?

Joining one of the top rehab centers in Arizona can provide you with a safe and supportive environment for healing and recovery. The daily activities available at a treatment center may vary depending on the drug rehab and detox facility you join. Here is a typical example of what a typical day in a long-term drug rehab might look like:


Morning classes typically include yoga, meditation, and physical workouts to help you begin the day in a relaxed state of mind. These sessions also help recovering addicts develop healthy habits and adopt a new routine in post-discharge life.

Some Arizona addiction treatment centers conduct group sessions in the mornings. These group meetings focus on the 12-step program, addiction, and recovery.


The middle of the day often focuses on providing clients with the most intensive treatment. After a healthy lunch, you will participate in a series of therapeutic sessions such as individual behavioral therapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), etc.

Specialized sessions

As a pioneer drug and alcohol rehab nearby, we offer specialized therapy sessions such as anger management, stress management, grief counseling, etc. These sessions focus on equipping you with critical coping techniques and improving your ability to handle issues rationally.

Call us at 833-723-0387 to join our drug rehab in Tucson, AZ. Silver Sands Recovery offers specialized addiction treatment in a state-of-the-art rehab center with dedicated and experienced clinical staff. Our personalized and non-medical methods of addiction recovery help individuals beat addiction and attain improved physical, mental, and behavioral wellness.

Drug rehab Tucson AZ