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Five Pros Of Drug Rehab In Arkansas

The very first step towards recovery from a drug or alcohol problem is the admittance of the existence of the problem and its negative effect on your life and the lives of people around you. Without this self-acceptance, there is no way to move forward to recovery. After the acceptance of the problem, the next step is to decide on what method of treatment to employ for recovery. There are three major routes to beat this addiction; cold-turkey, outpatient rehab, and inpatient rehab. Each of them has its own pros and cons.

Going Cold turkey refers to an abrupt cessation of drug use. This is a very sensitive method as individuals who opt for this go down a very difficult and dangerous path. They have no medical or professional supervision and the side effects of withdrawal can sometimes be fatal. Some people do well going cold turkey, but for most, the withdrawal symptoms tend to be too difficult for them to bear.

The Outpatient method is suited for people who can't stay away from their jobs or their family, or cannot afford an inpatient treatment center. Although they offer medical support for detoxification and also provide emotional and psychological assistance, they still cannot be compared to the inpatient rehab method.

Inpatient drug rehab in Arkansas offers tremendous advantages that can assist an addict beat his addiction, below are five of them;

1) Guarantees a beneficial structure:

Inpatient drug rehab in Arkansas offers a rehabilitation structure that is not obtainable in outpatient rehab or when going cold turkey. Addicts are given very little free time; their days are filled with positive activities. The lack of spare time reduces the duration the addict has to think about drugs or reason how to get it. Also, the lesser he/she thinks about drugs, the lesser the chance of relapse.

2) 24 Hours Support:

Compared to other treatment methods, Inpatient drug rehab in Arkansas gives addicts access to 24 hours professional support. It is well documented that most relapses occur early in recovery. A 24hours support, particularly during this early stage of recovery can make all the difference.

3) No access to drug or alcohol:

Addicts in inpatient drug rehab in Arkansas have absolutely no access to drugs or alcohol. They are to remain within the center's facility during the period of their rehabilitation and only go out on supervised outings. Alternatively, people in outpatient rehab regularly return to their homes, unsupervised, and therefore have access to their choice drug or alcohol. The chances of relapse are higher in outpatient rehab compared to inpatient rehab.

4) No Negative influences:

When in an inpatient rehab facility, addicts are surrounded by positive influences; either professionals who want them to get better or fellow addicts that also wish to recover. Contact with the outside world which may negatively impact recovery and contribute to relapse is limited or completely avoided.

5) Friendship:

An inpatient rehab allows recovering addicts to find new friends with similar intentions. Peer encouragement is a very powerful technique that can assist recovery. They are certain things that an addict may not be able to say to the supervisor but will feel more comfortable telling a fellow patient. Ideas could be exchanged which will positively influence recovery.


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