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Whether talking about alcoholism or drug addiction, what matters is for you to start seeking urgent rehab assistance. At Oaks of Hope, we stress the importance of taking immediate action. Don’t wait for the situation to worsen because it will, sooner rather than later!

We welcome you to our best drug and alcohol treatment centers in So Cal! It is here where you will receive top treatment, and where you have a team of professionals ready to take your case. Our rehab treatment relies on a multitude of programs like:

Grief and Loss Support – It’s not easy to deal with emotional traumas when you have no one to support you and help you heal. We’re here to correct that. Our counselors know what you’re going through and are ready to take the weight off your heart.

Psychotherapies – The term “psychotherapy” is a loose notion that encompasses a variety of programs and procedures. Here we include therapies like CBT and DBT, as well as group and family counseling, hypnotherapy, 12-step recovery, etc. All these procedures are meant to reestablish your normal cognitive functioning, as well as stabilize you emotionally and spiritually.

Medical detoxification – It’s vital not only to eliminate withdrawal but to cleanse the organism of toxins as well. The detox process usually lasts up to 10 days, during which you will notice significant improvements in your physical and mental functioning. It’s also not a universally-applicable procedure; our clinicians will always adapt it to your medical profile and your progress.

Dual diagnosis treatment – The dual diagnosis treatment doesn’t only include medication. It also incorporates many therapies and counseling sessions, depending on the disorder we’re talking about. Many co-occurring diseases represent the underlying cause of the addictive behavior, while others develop as a direct result of the addiction itself. In both of these cases, treating the disorder before completing the rehab program is paramount.

Recreational fun – The numerous recreational activities will put at your disposal don’t represent a time off from the rehabilitation treatment. Instead, they are part of the procedure itself. Many rehab facilities ignore the importance of some good fun when talking about spiritual rejuvenation and healing. It’s what helps you bond with others, experience a natural influx of dopamine, and learn how to enjoy life again. In our book, it’s a priceless experience.

Good food – The majority of the people consider food as being something we need. Except that’s only half of the truth. Food is also something we thoroughly enjoy. This is why we have so many different dishes around the world. Simply put, we love eating good food, since it makes us feel alive and it contributes to our psychological well-being, as well as the physical one. And part of the reason why we have some of the best drug and alcohol treatment centers in So Cal is the delicious menu; we guarantee you’ll love it.

Oaks of Hope will be your home for the next several months. It’s time to gather your strength and fight off addiction once and for all. Grab our hand and let’s head on to war!

Best Drug And Alcohol Treatment Centers So Cal